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Emerging Devices For M2M

1 Aug, 2012 By: Dr. Satwant Kaur, Hewlett-Packard imageSource

Emerging Devices For M2M

Emerging Devices for M2MMeter to indicate how you feel today

In an interview with Dr. Satwant Kaur, a Master Solutions Architect at HP, we address the "Emerging Devices for M2M (or machine-to-machine)."  Here is an excerpt:

ImageSource [iS]: You are often referred to as the First Lady of Emerging Technologies; please share what the “Emerging Technology” trends are for M2M?

[SK]: Machine to Machine, M2M devices and their communications is indeed an emerging technology trend and I would like to talk about how it is transforming our lives, and our business. You know, the number of worldwide M2M network connections is poised to be more than 15 billion by 2015! M2M devices are devices with embedded network communications technology that monitor and control through communication with back end systems. Machine-to-machine technologies are enabling both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other systems or devices or data acquisition and response systems.

[iS]: How would our lives be impacted by these 15 billion M2M devices?

[SK]: This emerging trend will bring about an exciting transformation in our lives. We are looking at the future where embedded connectivity will be a way of life. It’s happening now. These 15 billion emerging devices are covering the areas of Automotive, Remote Monitoring, Health Care, Electronics, Smart Homes, Smart Grid, NFC and Smart Metering. Most products in these areas will have the ability to do M2M communication across the internet. So we are looking at a future where embedded connectivity will be a day-to-day way of life.

[iS]: That is amazing to think about. Where would we see these 15 billion devices?

[SK]: Billions of connected devices will include all kinds of devices. Most will connect using M2M SIM cards including:monitor

  • e-reader devices
  • smart meter devices
  • connected cars container tracking devices
  • health monitoring wearable devices
  • building infrastructure monitoring devices
  • bridge or dam surveillance devices
  • environment sensing devices
  • household devices

  The list is endless!

[iS]: You mentioned different areas of our life being transformed. What other examples will use M2M SIM cards?

[SK]: Almost too many to enumerate, but a few examples that impact the way we live are:

  • Health care industry is using M2M technology for TeleHealth, mHealth and eHealth. A small monitor on a human being’s cuff will monitor & track the vital signs 24x7.
  • Utilities industry responding to regulators & enabling optimization of energy with SmartGrid.
  • Transportation industry is marching to a safer driving with Smart Car/Connected Vehicle.
  • Insurance Industry is using Telematics to customized solutions; Octo Telematics launched a “pay as you drive” insurance solution based on feeding back information about the driver.
  • Smart meters or Home Energy Management are household gas or electricity meter connected with zigbee, which uses embedded SIM card to transmit data to the back end system; has real time alerts & can often be remote controlled from mobile phones.
  • Smart Vehicles have various sensors, electronic, and navigation systems. Remote Car maintenance, navigation system updates, entertainment update & download, and fleet management can be done. These vehicles have M2M SIM cards.
  • Healthcare: Patients wear health monitoring devices. Doctors have mobile devices that allowing remote access to patient records. They can also remotely view, or assist surgery. These devices have M2M SIM cards.

[iS]: What is the vendor ecosystem to ensure the right transformations in response to these emerging technologies?

[SK]: In order to ensure the transformations happen in industry to ensure we march to the brave new connected work, the following need to work together:

We’re looking at a future where embedded connectivity will be a day-to-day way of life.

  • chipset manufacturer
  • sensor manufacturers
  • device manufacturers
  • communication providers
  • application developers
  • content providers
  • application service providers

[iS]: What opportunities are being provided by these emergent trends?

[SK]: We are in moving quickly into the world with billion devices everything from utility meters to connected cars. These M2M devices have the ability to transmitting, processing, and receiving vital data over the air. This gives us an opportunity to:

  • Monitor and track all assets and service data in real-time
  • Ensure Assets have the latest updated software
  • Automatically repair defects and deliver new features and services
  • Reduce the number of service dispatches

[iS]: Among manufacturers, how do HP’s solutions specifically unlock the potential provided by these emergent trends?

[SK]: HP has numerous M2M solutions. Let me share a few:

  • HP’s Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics M2M solutions enables utility provider to remotely monitor, manage, and troubleshoot remote assets, such as smart meters.
  • HP’s Over-the-Air Firmware Update M2M solutions enable a wireless communications equipment provider to distribute a firmware updates to assets in the field.
  • HP’s Policy Conformance M2M solutions enable an enterprise service provider is upgrading its wireless gateway.
  • HP’s Connectivity and Communication solutions enable Device Management, SIM management and Self Care Portal.
  • HP’s Data and Service Management solutions enable data collection, aggregation, correlation, repository, provisioning and control.
  • HP’s Management solutions enable policy management, access control, application store, and cloud services.

[iS]: What are some of the challenges that you see ahead with this emerging trend?

[SK]: Some challenges posed by billions of M2M devices that will have connectivity to the internet are:

  • These connected devices will have to be authenticated and monitored
  • Data that is transmitted will have to be stored and secured
  • Service providers will have to deliver federated, trusted, and flexible environments

Dr. Satwant Kaur (“First Lady of Emerging Technologies”) is a Master Solutions Architect at HP. She was the CTO of Emerging Technologies group at TIBCO. She received her doctorate in Mobile IP technologies from Oakland University in Michigan. She also holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering with distinction from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India. email:satwant@drsatwantkaur.com .

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