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Exciting Developments from Supplies Network

4 Jan, 2011 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Exciting Developments from Supplies Network

Supplies Network is the largest privately-owned wholesaler of IT consumables in the U.S. The company offers flexibility and customization for MPS and transactional fulfillment. A leader in managed print, the company recently announced a partnership with Preo Software to integrate device, document and user data that will result in next-generation capabilities.

In an interview with Greg Welchans, President, Supplies Network, imageSource magazine got to the bottom line of what makes this proactive company so successful:

imageSource (iS): Supplies Network recently revealed some exciting developments on the MPS front. Can you elaborate more?   

Greg Welchans (GW): New to all of our MPS services, is the integration of Preo’s Printelligence MPS software that enables us to bring together printer, document and user data. Essentially, we are no longer limited by incomplete printer data, and can offer much more robust services to assess and manage “printing” broadly, rather than “printers.” Our proprietary SaaS-based architecture allows for the remote management of customer environments, thus resulting in significant cost and time efficiencies.

(iS): What does the integration of data really mean to MPS services?

(GW): In short, there will be more and better data for added capabilities… and ultimately end-user savings. It means remote visibility of the entire printer fleet, including ALL networked and local devices and ALL brands. This eliminates hours of on-site document sampling to get information that previously could not be obtained remotely, and greatly increases the accuracy of the assessment of the end user’s environment. This is a huge improvement, and allows for the scalability necessary for large customers with multiple sites. And, the additional document and user data enhances end-user proposals and areas for savings—resulting in greater success in closing deals. Having information on who, what, when, where, and how of printing gives a dealer real credibility and the ability to present cost-saving solutions in the areas of devices, document workflow AND worker productivity. Preo’s exclusive page coverage measurement system enhances accuracy for “just in time” supplies replenishment based on DAYS of toner remaining—something device data alone often cannot do. Since supplies make up the largest cost of MPS, effective management is essential for dealer profitability.   

(iS): When will these enhanced MPS services be available?

(GW): This integration is happening now in stages, and will be completed in the first half of the year. 

(iS): You were into MPS early on, what have you learned?

(GW): In the four years since CARBON SiX launched, we have learned a lot through painful trial and error that has spurred the innovation needed to overcome technical, operational and sales challenges. This year our service packaging is changing in response to dealers who would like simpler ways to transition into MPS, and more flexibility in ways to go to market. Importantly, CARBON SiX® is a HP National Collaborative Infrastructure Partner (CLIP), and a recipient of Photizo’s MPS Leadership Award. 

(iS): How are you responding to the dealer’s desire for flexibility?

(GW): After first offering a turn-key program, we now offer more options. Simple steps have been developed for dealers not yet in MPS to automate supplies management one service at a time. One example is HP Automated Toner Replenishment System®. This program uses our proprietary Data Collection Service® to remotely monitor laser printer supply levels, and Supply Management System which automatically notifies when a device needs a new HP OEM supply item, places the order at precisely the right time, and delivers the needed toner to the exact user or device through a unique Supply Routing Label. Pricing is simple too—the price of the HP toner. These simple components also are offered as separate services to respond to individual dealer needs.

Individual MPS infrastructure components are for dealers to customize their own programs. Included are both basic and advanced building blocks that include service monitoring, service desk components, Printelligence MPS™ and more. CARBON SiX is offered as a turn-key program or with a la carte options, complete with a team of Supplies Network professionals to make the dealer’s transition smooth & successful.

(iS): What other logistical services do you offer for MPS and transactional fulfillment?

(GW): Real shipping options. In terms of small package distribution, we have fast, accurate and cost-effective ground delivery through four distribution centers located in:  Dallas, TX; Fresno, CA; Carlisle, PA; and St. Louis, MO, our headquarters city.  Dealers have lots of options: United Parcel Service (UPS) is our primary ground and air carrier and FedEx supplements have faster service in select ZIP codes. Regional carrier relationships, along with LTL truck lines, expand our one-day reach. Regarding drop shipping -with 85 percent of our dealers’ orders going directly to end-user customers, dealer branding is important.  Each of our distribution centers is equipped to produce on-demand box labels and box inserts.

(iS): In closing, what is Supplies Network’s focus for the New Year? 

(GW): In addition to offering the best selection of IT consumables, Supplies Network provides the infrastructure essential for the success of our dealers. We are committed to focused strategic planning, innovation, and investment in the right technologies and resources to deliver cutting-edge performance, capabilities—and profits.  As your wholesale partner, we can be counted on to develop and maintain the systems you need, and to build bridges to the future.

Specifics include:
On-Demand Private Labels for hundreds of
compatible SKUs are printed in color and totally customized with the
dealer’s logo and contact information—even their own unique part
numbers.  Supply Routing Labels, mentioned previously, are available on
all transactional and MPS orders, and contain all of the information
necessary to easily route any supply item to the exact person or printer
within a customer  location. Instant Inserts, featuring special
promotions, are personalized with dealer information and placed in the
box at the point of fulfillment.

For more information on Supplies Network, visitwww.suppliesnetwork.com or call 800-729-9300.

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