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Finding Your “Geek in Shining Armor”

28 Mar, 2006 By: Eric Stavola, Witt Company imageSource

Finding Your “Geek in Shining Armor”

the right people is critical for any company to achieve success, and it is
particularly essential when it comes to value-added support.

I get asked all the time, "So, how do I find a guy like you?" Unfortunately,
guys like me are not a dime a dozen and you can’t simply dash over to the mall
and pick one of us up at the "Geeks "R" Us" store.

Thus, dealers today are faced with the burning question, "How do I find my "geek
in shining armor?" To aid you in answering this all-important question I have
put together the following three key characteristics to look for when seeking
out what I like to call a "sales engineer"—a tech savvy person with sales

1. Sales-minded

Let’s not forget the first word in the position’s title. I believe it is much
more difficult to find a good sales-minded individual than technical individual.

Think about our business process for a moment. So many times we have to demo a
product and its connectivity prior to the sale. As a sales engineer, I can’t
tell you how many times I was put in a situation where I was one on one with the
decision maker during this process. This can be a deal maker or breaker.

I know a lot of you shudder at the thought of placing the fate of a sale on a
technically-minded person, but in the not-so-distant future, your sales engineer
will be selling deals like it or not.

● Where to look: Your current sales staff. I have seen companies successfully
pluck salespeople right out of their staff and develop their sales engineer

2. Work Ethic

A great sales engineer should always be learning and striving to be better. This
individual will be pulled in multiple directions. In most dealerships you will
have one sales engineer compared to 5-10 salespeople.

I know this may be a shock, but sales staff can be high maintenance at times.
You want an individual that is hungry and has that "can do "attitude.

● Where to look: Individuals with an athletic background tend to have better
work habits and can handle adversity better.

3. Technical Aptitude

The right individual will have to be tech savvy. They do not need to have all
the technical skills at the beginning, just the ability to obtain them.

● Where to look: Graduates from computer schools are young and eager to learn.
So they have no problem with getting a crash course on the copier industry. In
addition,they are already trained and certified.

● Something else to remember…Certifications are important. There are two
essential certifications:

N+ (Network+) - The N+ is a certification by CompTIA that helps
demonstrate a person's knowledge in maintaining and managing a network, network
operating systems, and installing and upgrading networks.

CDIA+ (Certified Document Imaging Architech) -The CompTIA CDIA+
certification is the standard of competency in the document imaging/document
management industry.

A beneficial certification for a sales engineer to have is the MCSE (Microsoft
Certified Systems Engineer).

Remember, this will be a process. You will be investing a good deal of time and
effort into this individual, so finding the right person is essential. I know
your geek in shining armor awaits you!

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