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Five Ways Embedded Chips Will Affect Average Americans

1 Apr, 2012 By: Dr. Satwant Kaur, Hewlett-Packard imageSource

chipOkay, what are Embedded Chips and their function? These chips are embedded inside the printed circuit board (PCB) rather than surface-mount devices of the past. Embedded Chips can now be placed inside PCB since cutting edge technologies have enabled smaller sized chips as thin as the width of a human hair. So, now, many things that were never tied to computing in the past are now finding great value by incorporating Embedded Chips. What does it mean for the “Average American?”

Here are some ways by which Embedded Chips are going to affect the average American. First, let me add that the market for Embedded Chips is considered to grow as large as $10 billion. So the big thing that Embedded Chips bring to the table (or PCB) is that many new ways of living will become Contact-less due to small size and Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies.

The 5 different ways:

1. Contact-Less Phones and Contact-Less Credit Cards for Payments:

The NFC chip enables digital communication without contact. The NFC chip is embedded inside the phone, rather than on the case of the phone, on a credit card, or on a sticker outside the phone.

Use of NFC enabled phones that have Embedded Chips can be used at gasoline pumps, ATM machines, point-of-sale machines, digital signs, automobiles and industrial equipment.

The problem with most current credit cards is that they use magnetic strip technology rather than Embedded Chips. Embedded Chips make the card more secure and better address fraud inside US and also abroad.

Another technology is used in Chip-and-PIN cards are that are different from the radio frequency chip in credit cards, which allows customers to pay by waving their card at a check-out scanner, instead of swiping it.

Many automated ticket kiosks like those commonly found at train stations, gas pumps and parking garages simply don’t accept cards without a chip and PIN. A.T.M.’s typically recognize and accept many cards whether they have a chip or a magnetic strip.

chip tattoo2. Medical Monitoring and Drug Delivery:

Embedded Chips can be put on the skin like a temporary tattoo and is successful in linking the physical world and the cyber world in new ways.

This brings advances in wearable medical electronics, since this is unnoticeable to the wearer.

This is used in medical monitoring as well as treatment of disorders that require links to computers.

When applied to the skin of the throat, the sensors can distinguish muscle movement for simple speech.

Embedded chips can remove need for regular injections for diseases like osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis.

An embedded microchip in the human body can remove the need for injections, especially for those who need regular jabs for treatment of ailments like osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis.

The embedded chip operates automatically or when a signal is sent wirelessly from a computer.

An implantable microchip-based drug delivery device can release precise doses of a drug when commanded wirelessly; and send back a message confirming delivery.

The chip can be programmed to release the
drug on a schedule or activated by an operator using a computer.

Blood tests showed that the drug dispensed by microchip is as effective as ordinary injections and the individual doses were slightly more consistent in quantity and effect than daily shots.

mobile wallet3. Mobile Wallet:

Embedded Chips enable wallet phones so payments can be made without a credit card swipe against the card reader.

The payment card’s data is stored on a secure chip embedded into the SIM card inside the phone.

Mobile wallets will eventually allow people to replace multiple pieces of plastic with functionality embedded inside their phone.

Eliminate everything we carry around in our wallet today – credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, building access cards – with most of that functionality on your Smartphone.

4. Corporate Identification with Embedded Chips:

Embedded Chips in NFC Black Berry phones enable enterprises to store their corporate badges and other access-control and ID applications.

Employees can get their info to employer phones over the air. It can also be used for time and attendance, network-access control, or for closed-loop payment at corporate cafeterias.

So we have the contactless door-access applications. We can also store credentials on the embedded chips to secure network-based services.

5. Catch Offenders and Curb Crime:

Embedded Chips will enable catching speeders using the Easy Pass system.

Recording devices are installed at intervals along the highway. Once an Easy Pass equipped vehicle passes, the device registers the account number and the time.

Same is again registered at the next “check-point”. Based upon the distance between the register points and the posted speed limit, the state is sending speeding tickets in the mail to the guilty persons.

All new vehicle registration stickers will have a metal strip or chip imbedded in same. When a vehicle passes the registering device, the strip will relay all the information.

The new system is to enable the authorities to track stolen vehicles, to trace kidnap victims, to monitor and trace suspected criminals and terrorists, etc.

Soon all new vehicle registration stickers will have a metal strip or chip imbedded in same. When a vehicle passes the registering device, the strip will relay all the information.

So, ask again, “What does this mean for changing the lives (through the latest conveniences of embedded chips technology) of the Average American?” and I’ll tell you emphatically, “A whole lot!”

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