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FMAudit: The Key to Easing into Print Management your way

2 Oct, 2006 By: Alicia Ellis imageSource

FMAudit: The Key to Easing into Print Management your way

We all want to work more effectively and efficiently, right? We want to make
the time that we spend on work more productive. That’s why we  carry  cell 
phones. Why we use e-mail, databases and software. That’s why we type reports
and spreadsheets into our computers instead of handwriting them. It’s more
efficient, less time consuming and gives  us more time to get down to the real
meat of our jobs.

So then, why are you still relying on your customers to call-in, fax, or
e-mail their meters? Besides the obvious problems associated with human error
when transcribing numbers, why would you want to spend so much time and energy
tracking meters when what you should really be doing is selling, servicing and
growing the business?

We all know that selling the "box" is no longer our big money maker. A
dealership’s lifeblood is in service, supplies, and clicks. Don’t let the
machine manage you and your growth efforts. It’s time for you to manage the
machine with products that will help you tame meter acquisition, make the most
of collected data, and supply you with the information you need to expand your
service offerings to your customers; all getting back to growing your business.

Manage the Machine

FMAudit’s suite of user-friendly, non-intrusive, interconnected products are
designed to unlock the world of total print management one step at a time. From
Rapid Print Assessment™ to Identity Mapping Technology™, FMAudit’s flexible and
scaleable products allow the user to easily and cost-effectively move in a
natural progression, ultimately resulting in total print management.

The data is placed directly back on the key where it can be analyzed,
off-loaded, and/or customized at the dealership. For instance, the data can be
used to drive clicks to the dealership’s managed machines, identify upgrade
opportunities and over/under utilized assets, and to sell more core products.
Just imagine the proposals a salesperson could generate if they knew about every
print, copy, fax, scan and color device being used within a customer’s
environment. In addition users can perform periodic accurate meter reads. In its
own right, Viewer USB is the perfect place to begin a print management program.

The next step on the journey is to migrate to automated meter collection and
submission. Leveraging the same core software as Viewer USB, FMAudit’s OnSite™
application fully automates the frequency of when to collect and submit meter
reads, as well as in what format to distribute the data. Transparent to the
customer (if the dealer elects to implement that way), OnSite is installed at
only one workstation to collect the data from devices across the entire Wide
Area Network (wan).

Similar to OnSite, FMAudit’s WebAudit™ application focuses on automated
metering, however it requires no software to install. It is browser-based and
invoked by the customer. It begins with an email to the customer, automatically
generated by the dealer, whereby upon receipt, the customer simply clicks on the
attached URL which triggers the metering process. Unlike other web-based
programs where the software supplier acts as an Application Solution Provider
(ASP) remotely hosting and thereby gaining access to the customer’s information,
data collected through OnSite and/or WebAudit is collected solely for the
dealership, ensuring the confidentiality and security of customer information.
However, for those dealers that prefer remote hosting, several options are

All three of FMAudit’s data collection vehicles, Viewer USB, OnSite, and
WebAudit collect meters on both managed-devices and non-managed (competitive)
devices. The data can be automatically parsed, whereby managed asset data is
used for accurate and timely billing, and the non-managed asset data is sent
directly to the sales division for competitive knock-out. In addition, embedded
in the applications is Hyper Meter Technology™ (HMT) for data quality and
integrity. HMT communicates through multiple protocols, penetrates multiple
subnets, and speaks to output devices capturing meters (and other asset data)
from objects beyond standard MIB.

To help dealerships maximize collected data, FMAudit’s Central™ application
is a customer portal and data repository acting as a backup and holding tank for
information. Additionally, Central includes value added features that enable
Meter Validation, Contract Device Management, Cross-account Analysis and
configurable Device Dashboards. These features have many uses, including but not
limited to, sales and service territory analysis based on MIF and competitive
installs and their associated output volumes.

The latest addition to FMAudit’s solutions include Identity Mapping
Technology™ (IMT), that further enhances the identification of output devices
even when there is no serial number present or the machine has been re-branded.
IMT provides accurate results, less manual intervention and allows users to map
directly to ERP, CRM, and Service and Sales Force Automation applications.
Through relationships with most OEMs and partnerships with software solutions
providers, identification and data exchange becomes seamless.

Although FMAudit continues to realize exponential growth, the quantity of
users is still in its infancy. The opportunities for  dealers to be the
first-to-market in their territory utilizing FMAudit’s products and its
migration path are huge. Specifically, the likelihood of an end-customer
implementing more than one metering solution is nil. Therefore, the
first-mover-advantage goes to the dealer that gets to the end-customer the
earliest. Customized programs, scaleable pricing structures, and flexible
training programs are available for dealers who are ready to start focusing on
the future and building business.

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