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Get More Bank for Your Bucket Buck

9 Oct, 2009 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Get More Bank for Your Bucket Buck

In the cleaning industry there are different types of
buckets and wringers to consider when getting the most bang for your buck. 
Getting the bucket and wringer that is appropriate for each job you work on will
help you keep your business on track.

Metal Buckets - Metal buckets are great when it comes to durability.  The
buckets stand up to the test of time as well as the punishment of day to day
use. Most metal mop buckets are made from electroplated steel to prevent rust of
janitorial equipment.

Plastic Buckets - Lightweight and durable these mop buckets are the most
common in janitorial equipment.  Plastic mop buckets are rated by gallons for
size, with sizes from 20-50 gallons.  Most buckets can be fitted with either
sidepress or downpress wringers.

Duo Buckets - Duo buckets are mop buckets that have two tanks.  One tank
usually contains a mop solution and the other a rinse solution.  These buckets
are for use in demanding hygienic environments and most have antimicrobial
properties built in.

Metal Wringers - Metal Wringers like metal buckets are extremely
durable.  These mop buckets are commonly fitted with steel handles so you can
apply extra pressure while ringing your mop. Most metal mop wringers are made
from electroplated steel to prevent rust.

Plastic Wringers - Plastic wringers are lightweight durable and very
affordable.  Plastic wringers come in both downpress and sidepress styles.

Downpress Wringers - A downpress wringer gets its name from the downward
action of the wringer plunger when wringing a mop.  The plunger is forced down
from the top of the wringer enabling increased pressure to be put on the mop.

Sidepress Wringers - On the sidepress wringer the plunger places pressure
on the mop from the side.  Extra force is required when using a sidepress

Strainer Mop Buckets - Lightweight, durable plastic strainer buckets are
ideal for traveling up and down stairs. Most strainer buckets have a low
capacity pail. Funnel-shaped strainer wrings up to a 10-oz. mop head.

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