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GPS Livetrax - Owners Jerry Newberry & Wes McArtor Talk Shop

14 Apr, 2008 By: NewVenture NewVenture imageSource

GPS Livetrax - Owners Jerry Newberry & Wes McArtor Talk Shop

imageSource Editor, Sand Sinclair, sat down with the owners of GPS LIVETRAX
LLC, to learn more about their newly formed company and its cutting edge
technology for the field service industry.

imageSource: Gentlemen, tell us about this new venture – your company

Jerry/Wes: The Company was developed and based on research in the GPS
industry; in particular, how it assists field service companies. For the past
year and a half we’ve met with numerous CEOs of different GPS offerings, both
inside and outside of the office equipment industry.

We really weren’t impressed with the current offerings due to four issues:

  1. Accuracy of GPS technology
  2. Batteries were not holding up due to software
  3. That didn’t have access to internal low power chipsets
  4. Pricing was expensive ($35-$85 per tech per month)
  5. Hardware costs (vehicle mounted $400-$1200)

Then we met the owners of GPS FOOTPRINTS. They have developed a new
technology and GPS offering for the field service industry.

There’s a major difference in this technology. First, this is true GPS
utilizing the latest smart phones and the GPS chips inside of the units, which
is different than the triangulation system. The Beta tests over the past several
months have proven this technology to be extremely accurate, and batteries are
lasting 8-12 hours compared to other technology that drained the units in a 1-2
hour time frame. Finally, the price point we are coming into this market at is
less than the price of available “like-technology” from other companies.

GPS Footprints wanted reputable individuals within this industry to help
launch this new technology. We all agreed that our reputation and access to many
customers would allow this product to be successful.

Our agreement, we believe, is exclusive in the office equipment industry, and
we are the only company offering this technology at the pricing levels we

IS: This is very interesting! So, you two feel the industry is ready
for GPS?

J/W: ABSOLUTELY! We reached out to industries outside of the office
equipment industries and found that some form of GPS has been in use for 6-8
years in medical equipment repair, heating and air conditioning companies, pest
control (bug spray) companies, and various shipping companies to name a few.

The results seen from the use of this technology was nothing but amazing!
More calls per day, real accountability of the mobile workforce, increased
sales, more accurate routing and reduced mileage payout.  A win-win.

As you are aware from my (Jerry) previous career at Global Imaging, and as
the President of BEI PROS, these issues are commonly found in our industry as
well! I find these same issues at every location I visit.

We’ve also verified this accountability concern in all the BEI data within
the 200 companies we represent. GPS within these new mobile phones combined with
this new software takes care of all of these problems.

IS: Do you hear the words “BIG BROTHER” coming from the company
presidents and managers?

J/W: Actually, we have heard very little concern about this from
companies we’ve spoken to. We think companies now realize the impact of
productivity in the field on service margins and operating income.

It’s imperative to ensure your workforce is productive and that you can
differentiate yourself from your competition. Beta tests have shown not only
productivity and expense reduction, but “projection units and screens” hung in
dispatch or (your) demo rooms have proven to be a big winner with customers! 
Sales reps can close more deals when customers come into your showroom or
dispatch center and see a “live locations” map of all of the technicians driving
throughout your territory. Talk about promoting an accurate ETA to customers!
This is what they see and it definitely differentiates you from the

Also, we think the companies will see fewer demos outside of the office,
bringing more customers in-house. Especially major account customers that sales
is trying to close. This is a real winner for business. We don’t promote this to
the field as accountability tools as much as a way to improve the customer
service and increase sales. GPS is a critical productivity tool and will give
managers and dispatchers the ability to make informed business decisions.
Technicians are taking this very positively when sold in this manner!

IS: How well was this all received at the recent ITEX show in Las

J/W: We were absolutely amazed at the interest in this technology! I
really think we had one of the busiest booths in the show, walking away with
“paper” and several hundred cards from businesses wanting us to re-contact them.
Obviously, we are extremely excited about the potential of this technology to
the copier/printer dealers in the industry.

You know, it’s not just the GPS capability that makes this an interesting
technology. We fully integrate into the leading software companies, and the data
mining capability is “first class.”  The capabilities are virtually limitless! 
A dealer can extract any data to associate to each call to more intelligently
make decisions on the customer’s machine. As an example, each manager can set
the system to show the current “cost per copy” versus the National Average in
BEI services data, or from your own system or the last call on that machine. 
It’s fully customizable to one’s needs and pulls any data anywhere on your
network in any database or spreadsheet.  GPS assists you in making better
business decisions!

IS: Gentlemen, sounds like you have a real winner here with this
innovative technology! I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this in the near
future. Thanks for taking the time to explain GPS LIVETRAX.

For information: Jerry Newberry at 813-713-3592,
ry@gpslivetrax.com. Wes McArtor at
307-250-0048, mcartor@gpslivetrax.com.

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