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Hiring a process not an event

31 Dec, 1969 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Hiring a process not an event

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Unfortunately, the turnover and
hiring of new reps is part of the game. Individuals will forever come and go for
a variety of reasons. But there is an approach that simplifies recruiting and
diminishes the fear and the effects of turnover. And it is based upon a truism:
Recruiting Is A Process Not To Be Invoked On An As-Needed Basis.

Recruiting is an everyday function of every sales manager, as prospecting calls
are to a territory rep. Let’s face it; you cannot afford "sales gaps" between
hires. Look to recruit on an ongoing basis. The recruiting process promises a
steady stream of good hires that will grow your business. It is the very
foundation of constant and consistent growth.


Determine what your basic recruiting strategy is. Do you want to hire beginners
or big hitters? If your office has good training capabilities and you are in a
good market with strong product lines, you may want to bring on trainable,
aggressive beginners (some outside B to B selling experience is always
desirable). What is your strategy? You can’t go looking if you don’t know what
you’re looking for. When you are in a hiring mode, you need to know the profile
of the candidate you want to pursue and be prepared to entice them once you’ve
identified quality candidates. Set aside a time to interview EACH day.
Recruiting, like selling, is a process, not an event. And we’re not talking
about one or two hour interviews. A fifteen minute screening will do it. Can you
put that amount of time into your daily planner? It’s a minor time commitment
that promises an enormous payoff.


You should always be looking to replace the rep at the bottom of your sales
team. If you’re not, you’re being complacent. If everyone on your sales staff is
at or above quota, great. This is the time to expand your sales team. Turnover
can actually be good for a company. You can relieve yourself of an expense that
is not returning satisfactory financial results. That’s a good business move.
The trick is to do it early enough in the new Rep’s employment so it limits your
financial risk. "Controlled Turnover" is what you want to achieve. Not only is
this good for your top line, but its critical for the bottom line. Start
building a bench now to avoid that dreaded sales gap between sales hires. It’s a
process with profitable results

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