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ILG – Discover the Difference

15 May, 2009 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

ILG – Discover the Difference

Some say the toner cartridge remanufacturing industry is breeding big egos and big volumes. Virtues such as Quality, Trust and Service, however, are brought about by Gary Michaels, CEO and Co-founder of ILG - who keeps egos at bay, and lets humility lead the way. 

Founded as a small remanufacturing company in Southern California, ILG has forged its way into becoming one of the largest toner cartridge manufacturing companies in the world through organic growth and word of mouth. With four distribution centers and current manufacturing in
excess of 100,000 cartridges per month, ILG is working on solidifying their infrastructure with high-end leadership to define “value” as their main stay difference between the OEM and the off shore cartridge distribution companies.


It is no secret that color laser is here to stay; you either accept it and adapt or move to the side and let someone else lead.  “As with any vendor, we have one shot to create a relationship with a new dealer.  We also know the dealer has one shot with their end user.  What
most manufacturing companies don’t do is lead in with color as opposed to tried and true monochrome,” says Steve Templin, Director of Sales.  ILG has made it a point to be first to market with high quality color products that their dealers use to convert OEM business to
compatibles.  “In the past this was a risky move,” says Joe Shulman, VP of ILG.  “The industry is at a point now with the right engineers and performance expectation management, that remanufactured color can and should be a major margin maker for all dealers.”  ILG’s color
product line is the widest in the world and includes the only line of “Jumbo” color cartridges designed to help cost per page companies realize higher profits and keep down time to a minimum. 


“Lets face it,” says CEO Gary Michaels, “dealers as well as consumers have come to expect instant gratification.”  ILG has heard these cries for quick delivery and with four warehouses has answered the plea.  “We made the decision to accommodate our dealers’ needs in 1 to 3
business days with four strategically placed warehouses in CA, IL, PA and TX,” says Bill Kopatich, VP of Manufacturing. ILG makes it a point to keep an excess of 50,000 cartridges in rolling inventory between the warehouses which allows dealers to keep lower stock and work off
lean inventory.  Simply put, “Our dealers can focus on selling instead of stocking,” says Steve Templin.


“Hire the best and pay them well,” offers Michaels.  ILG’s executive management team, collectively, has in excess of 250 years of industry experience.  “We consider ourselves an All Star team of industry leaders,” says Joe Shulman.  “In order to understand the needs of our
dealers and constantly add infrastructure to accommodate our ever changing industry, we needed to have the best minds and experience to confidently lead both our dealers and staff.” 

“At ILG, the employees are just as important as their dealers,” noted Michaels.  “ILG’s approach is to hire the best and let the creative process take effect to create working conditions that promote growth within.  The company has a very humble attitude that asks all
employees to check their egos at the door in order to embrace change. Humbleness is the virtue that keeps us thriving in a down economy,” continues Michaels.  “It is this attitude that dealers see, and has lead to ILG’s explosive growth through word of mouth.” 

“We learn new approaches everyday; it’s how you incorporate them that separates the leaders from the followers. We intend to remain an industry leader,” says Steve Templin.

MPS-The future…

It’s a known fact that change is embraced by ILG.  It’s also a fact that our industry has changed more than ever in the last few years.  No longer is it a chip and toner issue that prevents the dealers from competing, it’s now a direct competition with the OEM’s full service
offering to end users that have dealers scrambling. ILG’s solution to effectively help their dealers compete directly against the OEM is through their fleetSMART MPS (managed print services) division.  “fleetSMART is our branded MPS offering that allows the dealer to have a 100%
hands on approach to monitoring, anticipating and acting on the needs of end users in a proactive way,” says Rob Gilbert, Director, MPS Division.  “The OEM’s are continuing to try and lock out the aftermarket through products such as Webjet Admin and other all inclusive programs.
fleetSMART is designed to take away all of the end users printing repsonbilities with the ability of the dealer to realize new profit opportunities by capturing all available devices an end user has,” says Gilbert.  fleetSMART is available today with both state of the art
monitoring and TCO at little or no charge to their dealers.

ILG has been the best kept secret in the industry. With values such as humbleness and integrity, ILG continues to capture dealers’ attention. “We will continue to create relationships based on trust and value that lead to profits for both the dealer and ourselves,” says Gary
Michaels.  “Our industry is ever changing and while we embrace change we won’t take our eye off the ball. Value is defined and measured by all differently.” Michaels continues, “Our commitment to do all things possible to create long lasting relationships is the value-added
difference that we sell to our dealers, and help our dealers sell to the end user.” 

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