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Is A.D.D. Affecting your Dealership?

15 Jul, 2009 By: Roger Jung imageSource

Is A.D.D. Affecting your Dealership?

After a long weekend, you’d likely first go to your computer to catch up on
all of your emails. Just like anticipating the lotto, there is the hope of good

First, you scan the sender list looking for an important email that you were
expecting (a new deal closed; your business loan was approved; or you were
finally awarded that big contract!).  After glancing at all the contacts you
recognize, you decide to move down the list to the other 20 to 50 emails in
which you don’t recognize the sender at all.  Most is junk that made it through
Spam, but a few others to note are those pitching you a new product or service,
industry specific news, or current press releases that may be of interest.  You
open one and start reading.

“Okay, let’s see what they want. How will that benefit me?”  Well, after
reading one paragraph you delete. Still, the Internet, has changed the way we
conduct our business today.  And, there are plenty of great advantages. You just
need to find them.

First, we know that email is faster then faxes. And cheaper. We don’t print
as much paper as we once did (or we think we don’t), and most “stuff” is filed
electronically. Business contracts are signed and returned via email,
presentations are done via webinars, etc. 

But with use of the Internet, also comes a massive overload of information
and the need to selectively scan through data to extract the points we need.
Let’s face it! Whether we like it or not, we're all getting Attention Deficit
Disorder (A.D.D.), as information is thrown at us from blogs, tweets, emails,
websites, Facebook, newsletters, and more. 

Ways A.D.D. Can Benefit Your Dealership

Keep Things Short: Keep all of your sales and marketing support materials
brief and to the point! Newsletters, Webinars, Presentations, Flyers,
Demonstrations and even your Proposals. No one has time or patience to read long
“essays” on a topic, so remember here that “less is more” -  using 500+ words
(or less) per subject is a good rule of thumb.

Micro-Target Marketing: Shrinking marketing budgets are driving business
solutions’ providers into making smarter and bolder investment decisions.
Getting shorter, sharper messaging out to the market is key!  In addition, use
all of your marketing vehicles to micro-target the right audience. Most buyers
today simply want to know who is out there, who they are servicing in our
industry, and whether they fit the bill. Hence, marketing messages that are more
direct, better targeted and to-the-point are paramount.  Long-winded sales
presentations and lengthy brochures, even research materials such as white
papers and case studies are becoming a thing of the past. Make salient points
the focus without unnecessary opinion, etc.

Here’s where technology and methodology will enhance the A.D.D. factor to
better your business advantage!  

Long-winded sales presentations and lengthy brochures, even research
materials such as white papers and case studies, are becoming a thing of the

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