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Is the Paperless Office Possible

31 Dec, 1969 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Is the Paperless Office Possible



As a dealer of office supplies, it’s important to inform
our consumers how we can help make their business more efficient. Studies show
that employees spend a significant portion of their work hours trying to find
information already available in their organization. The time spent on
searching, sorting, creating and re-creating redundant documents might account
for millions of dollars of wasted hours in the US alone.


For years now we have heard that the workplace will soon
become paperless. Regardless that office technology has evolved due to enormous
innovation, it’s apparent that paper usage is actually growing each year. But is
it well-managed? Ask your client “Is your company awash in papers and records
that often staff can’t readily retrieve?”


It’s important to discuss the drawbacks with our client to
help them make informed decisions related to their purchase.



• Untimely to file & retrieve/requires physical storage

• Lacks document security

• Difficult to track a work project

• Can be destroyed, misplaced, or torn

• Requires peripheral product costs: paper, paper clips,


If they think about adopting an Electronic Document
Management System (EDMS) to cut out the clutter they won’t need to buy another
set of metal file cabinets. EDMS will allow them to store and retrieve digital
copies of their papers online and to permit papers to be scanned into the
system. These files are then indexed, which means that a person adds the
appropriate information to each file so that it can be called up in the future.
When a person needs to retrieve a file they just enter what they’re looking for
and the files that match will appear.



• Triple document processing capacity

• Reduce staff time/resources and document storage space

• Provide immediate access to decision-critical data


Document management systems vary greatly in their file
retrieval options from allowing index-based searches only to supporting searches
of all the text included. Help your clients procure a system that adopts the
procedural style of their staff. This will simplify the transition. It’s been
said that once a company learns about the virtues of a virtual document
management system, it’s impossible to go back to paper. Your customers will
thank you.

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