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Keeping It All-In-The-Family

1 Oct, 2001 By: Dealer Profile: Select Office Solutions imageSource

Keeping It All-In-The-Family

in 1981, Select Office Solutions is one of the largest independent digital
copier and printer system dealers in Southern California. With five branch
offices in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties, Select Office
Solutions is one of the fastest growing companies in the office products
industry. The company, which integrates digitally networked copier and printer
systems, has grown well beyond its humble beginnings, when Frank Mendicina Sr.,
founder and chairman, sold copiers door-to-door. In the 20 years since he
founded Select Office Solutions, Mendicina Sr. has built and nurtured personal
relationships with customers, clients, and employees and directed the growth of
the company’s five Southern California locations.


Father To Son

entering his 20th year in business, Mendicina Sr. has taken himself
out of the day-to-day operations and passed the torch to his son’s capable
hands. Frank Mendicina Jr. officially became the new CEO and president of Select
Office Solutions in January 2001.


(Jr.) and I have prepared for this transition since he joined the company in
1985,” Mendicina Sr. said. “Our long relationship, both personally and
professionally, has led us to this point, where succession has become a sound
business decision for Select Office Solutions.” Mendicina adds that years of
teaching the business and instilling the importance of personal relationships to
his son have made the succession process a strategic, focused and smooth


Jr. agrees. “For Select Office Solutions to successfully continue into the
next generation, my father needed to make a business decision, not a family
one.” He adds that he is confident that his 15 years experience at Select
Office Solutions has “groomed me to take on the mantle of leadership.”
Mendicina Jr. has played a significant role in Select Office Solutions’ sales
growth and, as vice president of sales; he was involved in business partnership
and administrative meetings in addition to becoming a familiar face in
company-wide management. Each division manager reported to him, and he was a
co-partner with his father in making company decisions for a number of years
preceding the succession.


Mendicina Jr.’s plan of expansion for the company, Select Office Solutions has
grown and instituted independent divisions and efficient internal production
processes. Select Office Solutions even has its own academy that trains the
sales and technician divisions in the digitally networked products and services
that Select Office Solutions offers; something, which Mendicina Jr. suggested,
nurtured and saw to fruition as part of his vision for Select Office
Solutions’ growth.



marketing strategies, excellent sales training, and top-quality customer service
set Select Office Solutions apart from other businesses in the industry. With
these principles in mind, Mendicina Sr. developed the concept for the mobile
showroom in 1985, laying the groundwork for a strategy that provides customers
with the ultimate in quality service. To accommodate people with busy schedules,
Mendicina Sr. customized an El Dorado mobile home to fit industrial-sized
copiers, taking them to potential customers’ offices for a complete
demonstration. Today, more than XX mobile showrooms, featuring fully networked
digital copier and printer systems in a literal one stop shop setting,
demonstrate Select Office Solutions’ state-of-the-art technology capabilities
with these company “house calls.”


ahead of the curve, Select Office Solutions naturally progressed into the
technology services market. Fueled by Mendicina Jr.’s vision and guidance, the
company that was best known for leading the copier revolution is now the
industry leader in integrating digitally networked copier and printer systems in
businesses throughout Southern California. Select Office Solutions has always
been a cutting-edge technology company as is evident in the fact that it
converted completely from analog to digital office products in 1998. The company
is noted for its expertise in networking digital products in, among others,
Windows NT, UNIX, MacIntosh, and AS/400 environments.


Office Solutions excels in the service arena of technical and information
technology support. Each technical service representative undergoes vigorous
hands-on training while supervised by managers who are knowledgeable about the
latest technology. Additionally, the Technical Solutions division, an internal
information technology/systems (IT/IS) division available to companies for
support and training, was created to provide business solutions that incorporate
today’s leading technologies. Instead of outsourcing networking services to
independent contractors, Select Office Solutions offers cost effective and
convenient access to an internal team of IT/IS personnel, who are thoroughly
trained on digital copier and printers and, more importantly, the networks that
connect them. In addition, the company maintains a fully computerized warehouse
filled with a deep and broad inventory to allow for quick turn-around time when
repairs are made.


majority of small-to-medium-sized companies cannot afford to have a full range
of support service personnel on payroll, forcing them to depend on unreliable
outside sources that may not be familiar with the company’s entire office
system, including its networking services,” said Mendicina Jr. “Select
Office Solutions offers Southern California businesses a full line of digital
copier and printer systems, hardware, software and support services as a
complete package solution.”


Office Solutions provides a complete start-to-finish service experience. When a
client purchases a digital copier and printer from Select Office Solutions, a
service technician provides on-site training, covering everything from the
system’s features to preventive maintenance. Then, when networking services
are requested, an electrician provides the networking cabling, and paves the way
for the IT/IS specialist to smoothly connect the network and install necessary
software and configurations. Customer service is paramount with Select Office
Solutions, and they send out service technicians and IT/IS specialists on
follow-up sessions if clients feel that they need additional training. In
addition, service technicians, electricians, and IT/IS specialists are available
for troubleshooting and for on-site equipment and network repair.


Next Stop

Office Solutions has expanded its products and services throughout the years,
but its dedication to supporting its customers has not changed. The company’s
service department employs more than 40 personnel dedicated to assisting
customers, and Select Office Solutions has garnered top awards in the industry
for exceptionally fast and friendly service.


plan to continue the legacy of customer service and technological innovation
that my father built Select Office Solutions on, “said Mendicina Jr. “I will
continue to expand the IT department to include telecommunications personnel as
the market dictates and plan to offer wireless capabilities for the operational
needs of small businesses.”


addition to heading the company, Mendicina Jr. is following in his father’s
philanthropic footsteps. Select Office Solutions’ continuous support of the
community through its own foundation, which supports 31 children’s charities
in California, reinforces the company’s dedication to service and people. The
Select Office Solutions Non-Profit Foundation was created in 1990 and has raise
more than $650,000 since its inception through an annual golf tournament
sponsored by the company.






Office Solutions is Konica’s number 1 digitally connected dealer and is one of
the largest independent dealers in the United States. Headquartered in Irwindale,
Calif., Select Office Solutions has branch offices in Glendale, Ontario, Laguna
Hills, and Carson. For more information, call (888) 84-SELECT or visit www.selectnow.com.

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