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Leverage the Power of Video Marketing & Social Networking

7 Jun, 2011 By: Kendall Tucker, Evolved Office imageSource

Leverage the Power of Video Marketing & Social Networking

Marketing has undergone fairly significant changes in recent years. The Internet has not only changed the way businesses connect with, sell to, and reach target audiences, but is almost everyone’s primary source of information today.

Just a few years ago, social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube were only beginning to emerge as popular sites among the younger Internet population.  Marketers quickly took notice and recognized these sites and their capabilities as effective, affordable, and creative marketing outlets that would soon drive the future of marketing for businesses around the world.

Dealers are now using social network marketing and video marketing to grow their business today, to enhance credibility, increase sales, and expand their professional networks.

Video Marketing
Video marketing is currently one of the hottest forms of Internet marketing for several reasons. In short, video marketing is popular because it is simple, affordable, and engaging. Video marketing is also gaining popularity because many web users have gotten somewhat bored with written content, so the alternative of watching video creates new interest.

The web can make us lazy, therefore leading us to crave interactivity. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to create powerful messages in a dynamic medium. Dealers are using video marketing to empower their sales teams, creating videos about their programs, product areas and service offerings to serve as their 60-second dialed in sales pitch.

The popularity of video marketing has skyrocketed over the past few years. So many successful companies use video marketing—on their websites, within e-mail marketing campaigns, and on video sharing websites like Youtube and Vimeo—all to raise awareness of their company’s products and brands, and to ultimately increase revenue.

Still not sure if video marketing is worth a try? Consider this—well-placed video marketing can deliver 10 times the response rate compared to print marketing.  Video marketing also delivers higher engagement and response rates compared to print brochures and e-mail messages. Additionally, video marketing is ideal for dealers because it gives them the power to effectively deliver their message to potential clients without forcing these prospects to thoroughly read content.

Video marketing forces you to dial in your message, get creative with your delivery, and increases the visibility of your message through video sharing sites. By creating marketing videos, you not only allow prospects who are searching for your message to find it more easily, but you can also improve brand awareness for your company. Other ways to distribute your message in a video format includes sending videos through e-mail, embedding your video link in your reps’ e-mail signatures, using your video as an intro to your onsite presentations, and using video to invite prospects to lunch-and-learn events.

Video marketing is a powerful credibility builder. Businesses of all sizes can recruit clients and fans to submit video testimonials, which have significant impact when posted on the company website, or video sharing sites. These types of video testimonial campaigns are often successful because people trust their peers as much as or more than generic corporate marketing messages.

Dealerships interested in exploring video marketing should look for a marketing solutions provider to support their efforts, such as Evolved Office, who is leading the way in dealer video marketing, offering video marketing services for Color, Document Management, MPS, and Lunch-and-Learn events. Through their VBRO (Video Brochure) platform, Evolved Office also tracks the viewing and sharing of marketing videos to generate leads and drive initiatives for dealers.

Social Network Marketing
Social networking sites have grown tremendously over the past several years, and are now recognized as successful marketing channels among businesses & their consumers.

For those of you who might be new to social network marketing, the term describes the use of social networks—like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—and other forms of collaborative media for the purposes of marketing, sales, customer service, and public relations. Many dealers are finding that social network marketing can be even more effective than e-mails in communicating news and messages to target audiences.

The first step in social network marketing is to research and decide on the social networks that offer the greatest potential for success based on your business model and the characteristics of your audience. Marketers need to understand that although social networks can be a very successful marketing medium, you must use them wisely for the benefit of your company. If you are concerned about making your customer list public (by displaying your lists of followers on social networks), stick to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn that allow you to carefully customize your privacy settings to hide this information.

Once you’ve determined which social networks are best for marketing your business, your next objective should be to raise awareness. Unless your company is a recognizable brand, you’ll need to put some time into developing your online network before you can hope to monetize on your social networking efforts. To do this, consistently provide valuable information to interested groups and actively participate in your online communities.

Time, not money is the main cost associated with social media marketing. That’s the beauty of social network marketing—it levels the playing field. Small dealers can leverage this medium in the same way that large dealers can without spending a lot of cash. Respond daily to users’ comments and reach out to potential prospects that you come across.

Social networks also give you the ability to pinpoint certain groups of people. For example, when you advertise on Facebook, you have the ability to filter the users who see your ads based on their location, age, and interests.

Finally, remember to offer incentives for people to join your social networks. Many companies on Facebook and Twitter offer special discounts and promotions exclusively to their followers. This is a great marketing tool that encourages growth within your networks.

Future of Marketing
Don’t wait any longer to use these digital tools to market your products, your services, and your brand. Educate yourself on video marketing and social networking, and always keep your target audience in mind when developing your new media campaigns. The future of marketing is now! Embrace these new technologies to engage your markets, and make money while doing it.  

Kendall Tucker is the Senior Editor and Communications Coordinator for Evolved Office. For more information visit www.evolvedoffice.com

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