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Lexmark Optra R Disk Difficulty

2 Oct, 2001 By: Bill Voelker imageSource

Lexmark Optra R Disk Difficulty


problem surfaced recently when a technician called to purchase a new hard drive
for an Optra R because he was getting a 64 Defective Disk error. After ordering,
receiving, and installing the new Hard Drive (or disk), the error remained. An
assumption was made that the new hard drive had failed out of the box. A second
hard drive was ordered and it also gave the defective disk error. Another
assumption was made that the RIP Board (main logic board) had failed. However
after replacing the RIP board the problem still remained. Now what, send the
printer in for repair? No, this is not necessary as long as the technician
involved follows the manual and reads the remainder of this article.


Assuming Factor

main problem was that assumptions were made and you know what they say about
that word  “assume.”
The assumption that the disk was bad without running a disk test (see
instructions later in this article) was in error. The first thing the manual
tells you to do is ‘Run a Quick Disk Test’, which is done from the
Diagnostic Mode. If this test fails, replace the disk, as it is bad. If it
passes, run the Disk Test/Clean procedure, also in the Diagnostic Mode. This
test takes approximately 2 hours and is a much more in-depth test of the hard
drive. Please note that this test will also erase any information off the hard
drive when it runs. If your customer wants to keep information on the drive,
they must find a way to save it before this test is done – if at all possible.
If the Disk Test/Clean procedure fails, the operator panel will tell you to
replace the disk. If the hard disk passes its test, the next logical step would
be to replace the RIP Board.


discovered that when ordering the Disk for the Optra R & L series, the
original part number in the manual, part number 1381856 (100 megabyte), had been
initially substituted with part number 13A0201. This substitution is a hard
drive for the Optra N series and will fit. The tests mentioned earlier will also
run, but because of the size of the disc, it takes 4 hours instead of two.
However, the problem here is the original Optra R & L firmware will not
support any disk larger then 999 Megabyte (MB). The Optra N hard drive, part
number13A0201, is 2.4 Gigabyte (GB) and since the printer firmware doesn’t
support 1 GB or more, it sends a 64 error to the display. This substitution was
an oversight, which was later, changed to an 840 (MB) disk, part number 1381989.



all this was originally discovered, there have been more updates to this little
story. According to Lexmark Technical Support, there is an upcoming firmware
revision that will allow for the bigger Disk. ROM revision 52.30 and higher,
will allow for up to 1.99 GB of disk to be installed. However, the latest ROM
revision available is 52.11, part number 1381799. This revision may not allow
the use of a hard disk 1 GB or larger, but if your disk fails and you need a
replacement, the 840 MB disk, part number 1381989, will work just fine.



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remove and/or install a hard drive or disk from a 4049-XXX printer follow these

  1. Open
    the top of the printer.

  2. Push
    the blue lever on the right to open the right side of the printer (Figure

  3. Remove
    the screw (Figure 2).

  4. Pull
    disk straight out and off peg on left (Figure 2).

  5. Install
    removed disk in an ESD protective bag.

  6. Reinstall
    disk in the reverse order.


you are initially installing a disk, follow these steps:

  1. Open
    the top of the printer.

  2. Push
    the blue lever on the right to open the right side of the printer (Figure

  3. Find
    the lower black vertical connector (Figure 3).

  4. Insert
    disk into connector in Figure 3 and over peg in Figure 2.

  5. Install
    Screw (Figure 2).


run a quick disk test or clean, you must first enter the Diagnostic Mode (note:
Be careful what you change in the service mode, as certain selections can render
this printer inoperable).

  1. Hold
    the Ready and Return buttons down while powering on the

  2. Scroll
    through the menu until you come to device tests and select.

  3. Select
    first the quick disk test and if that passes, then run the disk test/clean.

  4. The
    disk test/clean takes 2 hours.

  5. After
    the test is completed, follow the prompts.


of ROM is in Figure 4.






Voelker, is a trainer at PARTS NOW!, PARTS NOW! is the largest printer parts
reseller for HP, Canon, and Lexmark, and also provides parts for Oki, Xerox, and
many other printers. Bill has provided laser printer and technical training for
three years and writes technical articles for industry journals and magazines.
To contact Bill, call 1-800.886.6688, or email him at bvoelker@partsnowll.com.

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