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Many Reasons to Archive Zero Reasons Not To

15 Jul, 2009 By: William T. Gates imageSource

Many Reasons to Archive Zero Reasons Not To

Email has quickly become an integral way of doing business; however an
alarming number of companies have not yet invested in email archiving as a way
to protect them from what could or what will eventually go wrong. Email
archiving is increasingly become a hot topic in the business world today because
of the need to comply with government regulations and as a tool to protect your

Most think the solution is either too complicated or too costly so it is
often found at the end of the list of “things to do” until the unthinkable
happens. Computers die and hard-drives crash – often at the wrong time.  Adding
to the complications, many small-to-medium sized businesses do not have
dedicated IT personnel to deal with the everyday computer problems, network
issues, email compliance or archiving. 

The benefits of email archiving are seemingly endless. From ensuring the
safety of critical information to improved server performance to legal
protection—email archiving is considered a best practice for organizations of
all sizes.  Here are eight reasons why your business should be archiving if you
aren’t doing so now.

Get more out of your day

Email steals time from companies every day. Rather than working on projects
that can grow your business, employees are spending hours a week managing their
inboxes. Archiving can simplify your email retention policy, allowing employees
to think less about their email and more about getting down to business.

Give your server a break

The average corporate email account receives 18 MB of data every day. If
emails aren't regularly deleted, your server can overload, causing costly
slowdowns. By automatically archiving email, a good system such as ArcMail
Defender puts less stress on the server and gives employees the freedom to
delete, knowing that if they need an email they’ll always be able to quickly
retrieve it.

Keep your business-critical data secure

Email has become so much more than a form of communication. Today it
contains agreements, documents, notifications, contact information and many
other kinds of critical business information. By automatically storing email
records, your business can ensure that it’s not losing or misplacing the
information you need.

Let your IT staff do its job

An IT staff is busy enough that it can’t afford to spend valuable time
searching backup tapes for elusive emails. Archiving streamlines the
email-retrieval process by making emails available to individual users so they
can go about their business without bogging down your IT staff.

Mining your email

With the number of emails received each day, it’s inevitable that some may
be missed or inadvertently deleted. By periodically searching an email archive,
you can find sales leads and other pieces of useful information that you may
have missed the first time around.

eDiscovery that pays for itself

The legal discovery in a civil lawsuit can cost tens of thousands of
dollars. In some cases the cost can be so high that just settling the lawsuit is
a more cost-effective option. Archiving provides legal protection by
guaranteeing that all email is recorded and unalterable. An intuitive search
engine allows for the quick retrieval of all emails and attachments, saving
thousands in legal fees.

Following the law is good for business

Several federal regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc.) require the
retention of and access to email records for specific types of businesses and
government entities. Email archiving ensures that all of your emails and
attachments are stored in their original form, making you fully compliant with
all government regulations.

Protect against a crash

Storing emails and .PST files locally on individual desktops not only takes
up space on the hard drive but it can also put this valuable information at risk
if a computer crashes. Archiving ensures no matter what happens on each local
computer, valuable emails will always be accessible.

There are many products in the marketplace today that can make archiving easy
for your business, even if you are the small-to-medium size business owner
without dedicated IT personnel.  For example, ArcMail Defender is a plug ‘n play
hardware device that is compatible with all operating systems.

This type of  program is considered a cost-effective solution for businesses
required by law to become compliant.  The Defender features automatic archiving
on all emails both sent and received as well as fast and easy searches for email
retrieval.  By combining archiving functionality with built-in storage
management, it can eliminate the need for large email inboxes and protects
against email server crashes.  By doing this, ArcMail Defender can save
businesses time, reduces costs and increases productivity. It doesn’t hurt that
the Defender recently won the Network Product Guide 2009 Innovation Award for
Best Storage Hardware/Software. 

Isn’t it time to protect, let alone defend your business with securely
archived, legally compliant emails today?

William T. Gates is President and CEO of ArcMail. For information on
ArcMail, visit www.arcmail.com or phone


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