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Maximizing Service For Increased Business

1 Apr, 2004 By: Alicia Ellis imageSource

Maximizing Service For Increased Business

Every so often you reevaluate your business and ask yourself a few questions.
Perhaps one of the first that comes to mind is, “How do I take advantage of new
revenue opportunities?” The answer may be just a printer away! You have provided
years of quality copier service to your customers. They trust your work and
gaining their printer business can prove to be a natural and profitable
transition. But where to start and who to turn to when entering this new
territory is a question running through the minds of many in the copier

Depot America, founded in 1988, is one of the nation’s largest providers of
new and refurbished printer parts and sub-assemblies for a variety of printer
models. Exemplifying their strength with 35 percent growth over the past five
years, 49 percent growth in 2003 and over $40 million in sales that same year,
Depot America also prides itself on the strategic relationships it has created
over the years. Depot America is an Authorized Parts Reseller for
Hewlett-Packard and a Master Parts Distributor for Lexmark. Earlier this year,
Depot America was awarded a certificate of excellence from HP for combined sales
and growth leadership.

“Depot America is committed to learning about the copier community as well as
the needs of copier dealers. We realize that the copier community is beginning
to look at the printer world in a new light. This is a learning process for
everyone, and knowledge really is the key,” says Jenna Geraghty, marketing
Project Manager for Depot America. “Most copier technicians are already familiar
with printers and, those who are not, will find that the inner workings are
similar. With a limited amount of training dealerships can maximize a tech’s
relationship with existing customers to include preventive maintenance and
repairs for printers,” continued Geraghty.

To aid copier dealers in their pursuit of printer service profitability,
Depot America staffs a dedicated sales team and an extensively trained customer
care team, providing each of their 6,000 active customers with a personal
account manager. Increasing the ease of doing business, the New Jersey-based
company offers various ordering options, an eight million dollar inventory and
numerous shipping options. “Our shipping options allow dealers to make a low
initial investment in parts,” Geraghty said. “This, combined with our quality
parts and support, eliminates the worry of providing printer repair service.”

To further assist techs while on the path to printer success is the Tech Tool
Slide Guide that allows users to look up common part numbers for popular Hewlett
Packard and Lexmark printer models and includes maintenance kit replacement
charts. Another popular reference tool is the Fuser Wall Guide which helps to
identify fusers, offers useful descriptive information and compatibility
references as well as pages per minute. Now even more accessible, the fuser
guide can be found online and is available on the Depot America website. A
scroll over feature provides viewers with an enlarged thumbnail picture and all
the same information available on the wall chart. These reference tools will
help both new and veteran copier technicians minimize downtime and increase

When expanding the service offerings of your copier business to include
printers, you are bound to come across some tough printer “how-to’s”. The Depot
America monitored message board, Tech Talk, is the largest printer repair
message board in the world. Tech Talk was originally created to give technicians
a forum to exchange information and tips. Ranging from repairs to parts to error
codes, visitors can view archives or be part of the most current printer
discussions. With over 14,000 postings to date, Tech Talk is a perfect venue for
technicians from around the globe and offers various abilities to post
collective solutions on some of the toughest printer issues.

Depot America’s commitment to customer satisfaction starts with their extensive
product line. Since its inception, quality has been the foundation of Depot
America. “Depot America is always monitoring its processes. Our technicians are
constantly improving their product knowledge and participate directly in
developing quality improvements to our repair processes," said Chris Sinibaldi,
manager of quality control/research and development for the company.

In addition to quality products, informative reference tools and various
shipping options, Depot America offers two unique service programs that can save
dealers time and money. CoreWatch is a fully automated email based core tracking
system. CoreWatch was designed to help customers gain greater control over their
core inventory with weekly outstanding core reports and a 48-hour credit card
charge alert. OrderWatch is a fully automated email-based service that confirms
orders when they are placed. It then sends order shipping and tracking
information when an order leaves the facility.

Depot America's trademark is to assist every customer, making each experience
pleasant, productive and efficient. With quality parts and services, Depot
America has made it easy for you, the copier dealer, to make a seamless
transition into printers.

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