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NA Trading Goes Worldwide with New Website

15 Aug, 2002 By: Paul Lirette imageSource

NA Trading Goes Worldwide with New Website

today's marketplace, dealers need more from their parts suppliers than the
traditional sales pitch. NA Trading and Technology (NATT), recognizes its
customers need a partner they can trust, to provide quality and reliable
products. They also need a partner that will help address problems and offer
solutions, in order to improve efficiency and profitability. NATT takes both
these responsibilities seriously and has incorporated this philosophy into every
aspect of its operations. Through this commitment, the company has grown into a
well-respected international distributor and manufacturer of superior products
for copier machines, at competitive prices.

Cost Effective Products

Founded in 1983, NA Trading and Technology, has been dedicated to provide
high-performance, cost effective OEM equivalent copier parts, and supplies. From
a catalog offering a vast selection, NATT products help lower the dealer's
service expenses. NATT accomplishes this, through a steadfast dedication to
product research and development. The company uses only the latest most advanced
materials during manufacturing. Refusing to skimp by purchasing sub-standard
parts, NATT has avoided the common practice of jumping from vendor to vendor in
search of the lowest cost. NATT builds and maintains long-term relationships
with superior vendors, who manufacture parts to its strict standards. By working
closely with these vendors, it is able to supply dealers with products built
with the most advanced reliable technology. In a testament to its dedication to
quality, one of the first products NATT sold, the document feed belt cleaner, is
still considered to be the best in the market.

NATT, customer satisfaction is not just about providing quality products, but
building a relationship of trust and comfort with its customers. "NA
Trading and Technology owes its success to its partnership with customers,"
said Theodore Johnson, General Manager. He added, "By listening to the
needs of the industry, we can collaborate with customers to bring exactly what
they need to market."

Ordering Made Simple And Safe

To this end, NA Trading and Technology has taken extraordinary steps. At the
forefront of its customer service operations is NATT's online ordering. The
demands of today's industry force dealers to work long and unusual hours. Having
the ability to place orders, at a time convenient to them, can save valuable
time and resources.

the latest in e-commerce software, NATT has built a user-friendly ordering
system. The customer can search its extensive catalog by looking up products by
OEM part numbers, NATT part numbers, or even a model number. The shopping cart
is as easy to use as pointing and clicking. Most importantly, the system is
secure and all information is partitioned from the general NATT website. It also
has security screens to prevent end-users from accessing the system.

Internet is a powerful medium of communication, and the e-NATT online ordering
system is receiving great response in its first months of use," boasts Mike
Miklas, Marketing Manager. "I believe this tool has met our customers'
challenge of being user-friendly as well as technologically advanced."


NATT keeps its human resources, as up to date as its technological
resources. Instead of sales representatives, NATT employs "product
specialists." Prior to any customer contact, the specialist goes through an
extensive training program that teaches them about NATT's entire product line.
With this knowledge, specialists provide customers with more than conventional
sales assistance. They serve as a partner in problem solving and in helping
customers get the best product for their needs.

example of the benefits NATT's product specialists provide is the recent
improvements made in the Aficio 350 fuser unit. Customers complained that the
unit was only yielding 40,000 to 60,000 copies when it should be yielding about
150,000. After taking input from dealers, NATT's team of specialists and
engineers worked to find a solution. They developed a fuser unit solution and
cleaning roller attached via a unique bracket, which prevents the toner from
caking and now allows the fuser unit to yield the expected amount of copies. The
patent is currently pending. This is just one example of NATT's commitment to
improving the ability of its customers to serve the industry.

Way The Customer Wants It

Another way NATT simplifies the ordering process is in specialized kit
designs. For no extra charge, NATT will custom build product kits for any
machine the dealer desires. NATT offers PM kits for Ricoh, Savin and Lanier, as
well as Konica convenience and maintenance kits. The dealer only pays for the
parts, not for the special packaging and labeling. These kits save time and
allow technicians to make more calls per day, which will improve the dealer's
bottom line.

ordering, the customer is assured of receiving its order in the fashion and time
desired. By keeping up on its stock, NATT has maintained one of the lowest
backorder rates in the industry. Shipping is fast with orders made before 4:00pm
CST, and is able to be sent overnight. Using the customer's carrier of choice,
NATT will only charge for the exact shipping cost.

the occasion occurs that a substandard product is sent, NATT institutes a
"no-nonsense" guarantee. Any unsatisfactory product can be returned
for a full refund or credit. This is a 100% guarantee with no pro-rated
stipulations to the return. NATT wants its customers of today to be its
customers of tomorrow.

by three consecutive years of record setting quarters, NATT has become an
industry success story. For the dealership looking for a competitive edge, NA
Trading and Technology is not only a supplier of high quality products, but also
a partner and valued asset to any firm looking to run the most effective
business possible.

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