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New Developments on the for Seiko Epson

6 Jun, 2007 By: Tetsuo Kubo imageSource

New Developments on the for Seiko Epson

New Inkjet Print Head Brings World’s Highest Degree of Distortion

Seiko Epson has developed the thin film piezo with the world’s highest degree
of distortion, and in April, started production of the next generation Micro
Piezo head using the new piezo as actuators.

Micro Piezo head is the company’s original development of the inkjet head,
which distorts piezo elements applying electric voltage, and ejects ink droplets
with physical force. With the new head to be implemented to printers and so
forth, higher speed and smaller size will be realized.

The company is currently working to enhance business and industrial
applications in addition to consumer inkjet printers, and has developed the new
generation Micro Piezo head technology as the base to further expand their
existing business domain.

The new head is equipped with the conventional features for the Micro Piezo head
and has realized high density nozzles with the industry’s highest integration of
360 dpi among the piezo based inkjet heads, owing to:

[1]   The world’s highest degree of distortion that has been realized
through development of thinner film and materials;

[2]   High density integration through the original thin-film process; 

[3]   High density ink chamber structure realized by the original MEMS
(micro electro mechanical systems) technology development and;


[4]   Full internal production of the inkjet heads by producing from
piezo elements in house.

Genuine Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges Begin Testing in Japan

Seiko Epson has developed an ink cartridge product by remanufacturing
collected used cartridges with refilled inks that assures the equivalent
performance with the company’s new ink cartridges.

In May, the company launched a proof test for the cartridges through “Epson
OA Supply”, Epson Sales’ Internet shopping site in order to verify realization
and sustainability of the remanufactured ink cartridge recycling program.

Leading the industry, the company has deployed collection posts for the used
ink cartridges at retailer shops throughout Japan and has been aggressively
promoting their activities, giving Bell Mark points for collected cartridges.
Conventionally, they have been reusing the collected cartridges in Japan as
recycled materials by disassembling and sorting for the quality of the materials
(“material recycling”).

Remanufacturing ink cartridges has been discussed at the company internally
but they had big problems and a higher environmental burden to rematerialize
compared to the material recycling (the company trial calculation) and quality
assurance to customers.

This time, the company has established technologies for ink cartridge
remanufacturing and mass production of remanufactured ink cartridges, and has
developed the remanufactured ink cartridges to assure the equivalent performance
to the company’s new ink cartridges in functions and quality under the company’s
quality management control.

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