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New Voice, New Vision, New Alliance: Technology United

9 Jan, 2012 By: Sand Sinclair imageSource

To many in the office technology markets, it comes as no surprise that charismatic President and CEO of MWA Intelligence, Mike Stramaglio, has recently “united” a team of impressive technology organizations to form a strategic hub alliance - to innovatively engage in business through membership in Technology United.

Establishing a new voice in the industry, Technology United aims to provide the best and most aggressive technology and services (total solutions) channeled through powerhouse companies that can collectively cover key areas in the office space, including IT automation and security, embedded technologies, even supply chain management, among many other services.

Working in tandem, referring member organizations where applicable, the alliance offers the marketplace turnkey imaging solutions that are developed by best-of-breed partners to ensure delivery of total and real technology solutions for the offices of today and in the future.

With the formal launch of Technology United just seven months ago, with Stramaglio presiding at the helm by request of its founding members, the prestigious technology companies of Intel, Green Hills Software, Genius Bytes, NewField IT, RIM, US Fleet Tracking, Spline Network, ESP, LMI, Compass Sales Solutions, Barrister, and MWA Intelligence, with GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation recently joining, the alliance is growing quickly.

According to Stramaglio, “Technology United’s mission is to pull the best partners together with the best technology to deliver the best user experience. The solutions created will allow your business to enjoy efficiencies and cost savings that can really make a difference to your bottom line.”

A Vision Realized

When asked to expand on the origins of the alliance, and its collective braintrust of organizations, Stramaglio had much to add when asked, “What thinking led you to create Technology United? What specific positioning or purpose did you want to address?”

Says Stramaglio, “With the advent of the natural migration of IT/VAR’s and Dealers,  Technology United is positioned well to not only assist in the migration process but should very well take a leadership position.  Thanks in large part to the brilliance of the many partners and the willingness of the end user to embrace the ‘new!’”  

“Initially, I took out a legal pad and created a simple hub or spoke theory where one organization helps promote another member, each representing a category to address a specific need.”

Stramaglio, who said he got invaluable insight from each leader of the group’s founding organizations, says that collectively, these partners represent billions of dollars in revenue, while they realize there is more on the table in an evolving industry where demand for new technology is accelerating.

One founding member representing IT Security explains his role this way: “Modern imaging systems are increasingly sophisticated, controlled by powerful computers and connected to the IT infrastructure, yet the security impact within the enterprise has been largely ignored,” said Gordon Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization business unit.

“With Green Hills Software’s long history of leadership in embedded systems security … we are pleased to be a part of this new alliance and its mission to promulgate high assurance development processes and technology to the imaging world.”

Simply said, if a dealer needed to address IT security issues and be assured of its optimal effectiveness, the TU alliance would naturally refer Green Hills. As the dimensional hub or pie chart of Technology United’s member organizations’ indicate, where each represents a specific category or dimension in office technology, complementing each other with a broad roster of turnkey solutions for customers and prospects, the increased growth potential is tremendous.

When asked “What happens if you have more than one organization per type of offering? Is the alliance ‘exclusive’ to one company per category or can similar companies join?” Stramaglio says, “We are open to new members in the same niche of business. We realize each company brings a unique set of circumstances and offerings. Each company independently negotiates on their own and with any company within the hub, so it is their decision to partner or not, or refer internally.”

Adding, “We’ve established a Board and management team as well, assigning representatives for each dimension who assist others in their business niche as well as review new organizations interested in joining the group.”

“We have implemented a set of standards and an evaluation process for contending organizations to ensure they are willing to make the investment; can commit to the vision or ‘spirit’ of the group besides the quality of product / deliverables necessary. There are agreements to be signed; the need to accept a charter,” adds Stramaglio. “We don’t want to ‘certify’ anyone but do want to establish credible membership; set metrics for an approval process to result in “best of breed” or a level of logic to deliver real value. Ultimately it’s about relationships - and it’s gratifying to turn friends into ambassadors.”

Technology & Consumption

The aspect of “referral” or “hosting” by TU members is evident. For example, MWA Intelligence, which provides cutting-edge M2M (machine-to-machine) and M2P (machine-to-people) solutions and services, has various distribution channels, yet organizations in the alliance provide other available outlets, such as Intel, Green Hills, etc. There is a pool of very impressive industry resources to consider, including a whole cadre of new people to access for various needs. When you consider that Intel has over 130,000 employees worldwide, there are multiple areas a member might draw upon for assistance or support. Consider that Intel oversees 40,000 printers worldwide, and that MWAi (or another member) might help manage some aspect of this through a practical association (“feet on the street”).

“We’ve created a multi-dimensional and dynamic program,” adds Stramaglio, “Which can lead to huge recognition in generational
and distribution chains, among other gains, proactively provided through partnership.”

“Though we want to gain invaluable support and insight from each member, we don’t want to advocate that the alliance is a ‘clique’ - we encourage other vendors, distributors and manufacturers to learn more about the principles of Technology United, and seek to join. People who have an open mind will see the wisdom of it. A key goal is to bring value back to our customers.”

Stramaglio, whose entrepreneurial spirit captures the essence of an innovative pioneer, has an indelible love of the technology industry, ultimately catapulting him into founding the strategically designed Technology United. A natural visionary aided by determination and foresight on what’s evolving in the office space, Stramaglio remains genuinely humble albeit articulate about his relationship with
advancing technology.

Candidly, “I look at MPS as an App - with set features to address specific functions,” says Stramaglio. “This is the premise of Technology United. We created an App Store with various technology features that can be utilized per resource needed, i.e. procurement, billing, asset management, mobile printing, document management, etc. When you think about technology today, everywhere you look it’s being pulled from some App or cloud function. This is effective and fundamentally sound and is becoming more commonplace in its means of delivery.”

When asked about the dealer community, Stramaglio sighs, “The dealer community that hasn’t been willing to listen continues to shrink. Many continue on the treadmill to create profit – but they need to listen to those on the forefront of advancing technology - to gain clarity on the emerging marketplace. Convergence is happening and they need to adapt.”

Adding, “The imaging channel around the world is in need of a seamless and fully integrated enterprise capable of delivering this new generation solution for moving dysfunction to function in the supply chain. This new enterprise is designed to recognize and deliver the best-of-breed solutions for supply chain automation; intelligent procurement of machines, parts and hardware; implementing a world-class level of security; leading-edge field service mobility, GPS mapping; scheduling optimization; service call avoidance; and a long list of advanced document management tools. Technology United is a powerful force dedicated to delivering what the worldwide market is demanding for growth in the MPS and e-commerce marketplaces.”

About the Author: Sand Sinclair

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