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No Cost Ways to Sustainability and Savings

31 Dec, 1969 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

No Cost Ways to Sustainability and Savings

becoming a pivotal issue when it comes to closing the deal with your customer?
If you are in the business of selling solutions to those who put ink on paper to
be delivered to a customer via the mailbox---you may have one possible "green"
solution inside your company right now. Take a look at the capabilities of the
CASS certified mailing software that you are using. It may hold the least
expensive, most efficient method for green initiatives for direct mail

The USPS has enhanced the CASS mailing software
certification process by adding mailing list maintenance tools like Delivery
Point Validation processing (DPV) to the toolbox. The most simplistic function
of DPV is that it provides a ZIP+4 refinement to the list. Unfortunately, few in
the mailing industry realize that the results of the ZIP+4 encoding process can
be used to their advantage. 

The USPS is one of the most highly trusted institutions in
the world. The reassuring image of the mail carrier walking our neighborhoods
and placing mail in our mailboxes always appears in our minds with ease. It is
much more difficult, if not impossible, for most of us to conjure up the image
of a USPS forklift filling a recycling dumpster with mail-pieces. What else is
the post office supposed to do with a mail-piece that is undeliverable as
addressed when it is mailed at Standard rates

Here’s what the rulebook says:

Treatment of Undeliverable Third-Class Bulk Business Mail

Endorsement of DO NOT FORWARD or No Endorsement

ACTION: Do not forward. Do not return. Dispose of as waste.

No amount of time, wishful thinking or lack of attention will turn a bad address
into a deliverable one. Left uncorrected, a bad address will remain in your list
and will repeatedly cost you postage and processing with no results. You will
continue to pay those charges again and again only to have the piece land in a
recycle bin and not a mailbox. And, the USPS will continue to win national
recycling awards.

Becoming educated on the tools at your command can be a boon for business and

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