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Overwhelmed by Paper in Healthcare

20 Jun, 2007 By: Visioneer Visioneer imageSource

Overwhelmed by Paper in Healthcare

Rising healthcare costs touch each of us, both personally and professionally.
Technology has made incredible gains in the last 40 years, but most paper
storage and handling in hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics looks not too
different than it did in the 1960s.

Managing and accessing paper documents is a problem that many healthcare
administrators, IT professionals and staff members have not solved. Paper is a
great medium for information, but only in very limited quantities. Over time,
the accumulation of large amounts of paper has created organization and
productivity challenges in virtually every industry. But healthcare has
especially suffered due to industry-wide cost cutting and insurance restrictions
that have impacted profitability.

Government legislation such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act of 1996) has further complicated the “paper chase” and
affects all offices and administrations in the Department of Health that
electronically handle health information -- as well as any providers and
organizations with whom information is electronically exchanged. HIPAA
regulations impact all healthcare organizations that create, store, or transmit
healthcare data electronically.

A document scanner is therefore essential to first digitize paper records
into electronic files that can be securely and accurately stored, transmitted
and retrieved. However, most scanner companies have not done a good job of
offering easy to use, ease to install and robust-featured scanners that simplify
the paper-to-digital transfer.

Visioneer Solutions

Many healthcare providers today have developed complicated workaround solutions
to manage paper records and cope with inadequate or limiting technology.
However, Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate business scanners can offer a better
solution when integrated with today’s leading medical records and workflow
software applications for the healthcare industry.

For example, many hospital admission offices have deployed Visioneer scanners
in their Admissions process to assure that all necessary incoming patient
documents and insurance ID Cards are collected accurately and are electronically
attached to the patient record. The Visioneer scanners easily integrate with
internal records systems. Users marvel at the ease of use and reduced need to
make paper copies of patient paperwork. Patients are admitted more quickly and
the insurance cards, physician orders or lab results that they bring to the
hospital are scanned and added to their file. In the end, Visioneer and Xerox
DocuMate scanners enable the incoming paper process to be streamlined, more
accurate and secure.

What sets Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate scanners apart from other document
scanners? Ease-of-Use, no IT-specialists necessary to install and our Visioneer
OneTouch™ technology that lets you scan to your application or device with one
button or click. We offer a broad range of affordable document scanners with
varying speeds and paper handling choices that can help streamline the
paper-to-digital conversion at the desktop and departmental level. Users can
quickly and easily scan insurance cards, forms, charts, or faxes directly into
their systems.

Visioneer business scanners come bundled with industry-standard ISIS and
TWAIN drivers and ScanSoft’s PaperPort software (an award-winning application
for managing documents at the desktop). A revolutionary advancement in PaperPort
is the way you can easily create and work with PDF files. PaperPort makes it as
easy to work with paper on your computer and integrate PDF files with other
applications used everyday in the healthcare industry -- making users more
productive, efficient, and comply with government regulations.

Whether it is an admissions process, patient records or a doctor’s office
environment, Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate scanners make short and easy work out
of converting paper into digital documents.

In August 2005, Hyland Software, Inc. completed compatibility and functional
tests for the DocuMate 272 for OnBase document imaging products, including the
OnBase Front Office Scanning application. According to Ray Gerwig, imaging
product manager at Hyland Software, “As a provider of enterprise content
management software to the Healthcare industry, we think that OnBase and the
DocuMate 272 present a very effective imaging and document management solution,
especially for healthcare vertical applications that the DocuMate 272 has been
specifically designed to address.”

In an ever-changing digital world, regulatory compliance legislation such as
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act) have affected the
ways that hospitals, labs, medical offices and insurance carriers collect, share
and secure information for the protection of the patient and their families. The
strength of Hyland’s OnBase ECM solutions, coupled with Visioneer’s document
imaging solutions, can provide a means to regulatory compliance and efficient
document capture which contributes to significant cost savings and improved
business efficiencies within the healthcare market.

According to Third Millennium Healthcare Systems Inc., the industry leader in
revenue cycle management software solutions and outsourced services for
healthcare organizations, when a patient is admitted to the hospital, the
registration staff makes a copy of the patient’s driver license and insurance
card to put with the file. The insurance information is then keyed into the
database. In healthcare, about 20 percent of the claims submitted by hospitals
are denied by the insurance companies. Ninety percent of those are due to
typographical errors.

“By scanning patient documents, insurance cards and driver’s licenses at
patient registration and creating a digital image accessible to the patient’s
authorized care providers; hospitals can reduce registration time, solve data
inaccuracy problems and improve customer relationships,” said John Harrast,
product operations manager for TMHSI. “The DocuMate 272 perfectly complements
our i.suite® 4.0 Document Management System with Distributed Scanning and
Indexing (DSI) capabilities. By capturing vital documents at the
point-of-service using the DocuMate 272, DSI adds greater efficiency to the
revenue cycle.”


Sheetfed Desktop Solution  - Strobe XP300 ($399)

The Strobe XP 300 is the ideal solution for healthcare professionals that need a
fast scanner with a small footprint. Measuring only 2” x 2.5” x 12” and weighing
a mere 20 ounces, the scanner incorporates Visioneer’s AutoLaunch technology
that automatically begins the scanning process when a document is inserted into
the scanner and when used in duplex mode, the Strobe XP 300 scans documents at
only 6 seconds per image. Users can scan, file and store all of their documents,
plastic ID cards, checks, articles, brochures and business cards regardless of
location because the Strobe XP 300 may be powered through a USB port, or via
wall-power.  The Strobe XP 300 is designed to automatically convert, at the
user’s option, any scanned item into a text-searchable PDF file while
maintaining the visual integrity of the original document. 

Multi-page Workgroup Solution - Xerox DocuMate 272 ($1,295)

The Xerox DocuMate 272 is the fastest and most productive scanner to meet
healthcare paper-to-digital needs. It has a 50 page ADF and scans paper at 33
ppm and 66 ipm in duplex mode plus embossed ID cards through a custom slot in
under 3 seconds, making it ease for users to quickly scan insurance cards,
forms, charts, or faxes directly into their systems. Easily creates text
searchable PDF files to search and retrieve documents by their content. Bundle
includes ScanSoft PaperPort, OmniPage, Pixel Translations QuickScan and patented
Kofax VRS. Also includes TWAIN and certified ISIS drivers supporting virtually
every document imaging application.

Flatbed & ADF Solution  - Xerox DocuMate 752 ($4,995)

The Xerox DocuMate 752 is a color duplex low-volume production flatbed scanner
with 120-page capacity ADF, scans documents at 50 ppm and 100 ipm through
Hi-Speed USB 2.0.  The DocuMate 752 brings low-volume production scanning to any
organization at the right price with high quality.  Software bundle includes
Kofax VRS, and ScanSoft OmniPage. The use of low-volume production scanners for
regulatory compliance is sharply on the rise, the DocuMate 752 makes compliance
easy for any scanning operator. With its A3-size platen, previously too large
documents are not a problem. The ADF allows scanning of documents landscape or

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