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Print Audit: Regain Print Volumes

4 Aug, 2005 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Print Audit: Regain Print Volumes

It is always interesting to
visit customer sites with office equipment salespeople, especially sites of
customers who are perceived to be exclusive to the vendor. Somehow the
salespeople fail to see all of the “convenience print” devices that are stealing
page volumes and business away from the office equipment vendor.

A great example of this comes from a huge office equipment dealer in the United
Kingdom whose revenue is derived from hardware sales and post hardware sales
activities, including cost per page programs, service and supplies.

In the beginning of 2004, the dealership was under the impression that at least
60 percent of all documents being created in its top customers’ accounts were
going to its devices. Then someone with the dealership noticed that numerous
desktops in the office of a customer had personal printers.

In reaction to this, the dealership decided to use Print Audit to determine
exactly how much of the customer’s total print and copy volume they were
capturing and how much they were missing. Preliminary results indicate that the
dealership was only capturing 20 percent of the customer’s volumes.

So, 80 percent of its customer’s volumes were going to the competition. In the
opinion of the dealership’s management, a significant portion of those missed
volumes should have been going to their devices.

In response to this, the company developed a “next steps” plan. In this plan, it
set goals to increase its take on the volumes to 60 percent in the next two
years. This would almost double its post sales revenues.

The dealership installed Print Audit at all of its customers’ locations and
began using Print Audit’s rules-based printing to move page volumes away from
its competitors’ devices and onto its devices.

Print Audit’s rules-based printing is part of the Print Audit 5 suite and is
extremely easy to set up and administer. Examples of rules that can be created
are the ability to encourage users to print to more efficient devices, restrict
or encourage color usage, and force duplexing.

Ultimately, the institution of rules based printing will mean a huge savings for
its customers and significant increases in profit for the dealership.

The dealership also showed its salespeople how to analyze the volumes on all
devices so that it can consult with the customer on how to further lower costs.
Using this plan, the company anticipates not only stealing volumes from its
competitors, but also taking complete control of all of its customers’ future
hardware purchases.

Three months into the plan and the dealership’s results show an average 12
percent increase in volumes and its salespeople are reporting that they feel
“more connected” to their customers.

All About Print Audit

Print Audit began developing print tracking and copy auditing solutions in 1998
with a commitment to creating innovative products while offering unparalleled
customer support. Print Audit’s Customer Care Department has been a major key to
its success. The company regularly surveys its customers after purchases and
their feedback is used to improve future product releases.

All of the new features and enhancements in the new version of its flagship
product, Print Audit 5, are based on suggestions from Print Audit customers and
partners around the world. Print Audit 5 uses a unique client-based architecture
which enables it to track printing to all networked, local and direct to IP
printers. It can easily be deployed to thousands of workstations from a central
location on the network and tracks without requiring a print server or
modifications to the network.

Print Audit’s innovations have fueled its success. The company has doubled its
sales every year from 1999 to 2003, and increased its revenue by 89 percent in
2004. Its products are also used extensively by office equipment vendors
worldwide to help them sell more hardware and increase post sales revenues.
Print Audit has established partnerships with office equipment giants such as
Toshiba, Sharp, Canon, Panasonic, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Xerox, and Pitney

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