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Print Management is Not Fleet Management

3 Nov, 2008 By: Editorial Staff

Print Management is Not Fleet Management

Are some of your customers confusing print management with fleet management
still? You know the two perform very different functions yet each needs brief
clarification – to your customers and even some staff. Here is a simple way to
best explain their differences.

Print Management- a comprehensive print management solution allows
organizations to capture and control every print job in an environment. Print
management solutions enable organizations to control who can print to where and
can alter user behavior by setting printing limits, restricting color usage and
forcing duplexing. A print management solution connects an organization by
utilizing three key functions: workflow analysis, cost recovery and cost

Fleet Management (or device management solutions) - is used to collect
meter reads on imaging devices and perform service functions such as supplies
management and service history tracking.

Print Management Functions

Workflow Analysis - While rapid assessments using scanning software on
USB drives are useful for capturing instant snapshots of the print environment,
it only scratches the surface when it comes to uncovering equipment. These
comprehensive analysis tools are able to track printing at the desktop level
which allows analysis of all devices including local, networked and direct-to-IP
printers. A comprehensive analysis tool will help answer your clients’ questions
such as: What department or person is printing the most? Where are they printing
to? What size and types of jobs are they printing? Without this workflow
information, it is very difficult to determine which devices are currently being
used or worse, misused!

Cost Recovery - Cost recovery solutions can automate a company's
chargeback process by automatically recording printing and photocopying costs
and integrating the data with most accounting. Cost recovery is most common in
Professional Services firms who charge their users or clients for printing and
photocopying expenses. Surprisingly, many of these companies still calculate
out-of-pocket expenses by manually logging print jobs with a clipboard kept by
the printer. Most companies can simplify and increase the accuracy of their bill
back process by installing a print management solution packages.

Cost Reduction - After a print analysis is complete and new devices
placed, how do you ensure that new devices are being used to their full
potential? The problem is often one of human nature – people will print to their
convenience printer, rather than the device best suited for the job. A print
management tool with reduction features can help to change the printing habits
of users and encourage them to make better printing decisions. For example, if a
user tries to print a large print job to their personal printer, a pop-up window
can encourage or force them to print to a more efficient, multifunction device

Remembering these details will help enlighten your customers to the benefits
of print management, and should result in you closing more deals.

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