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Private Sector & Vertical MPS Opportunities & the Security Privacy Requirements

7 Dec, 2010 By: David Anastasi, eDocument Sciences

Private Sector & Vertical MPS Opportunities & the Security Privacy Requirements

According to Gartner’s Managed Print Services (MPS) research, this market’s
size is expected to exceed $10 billion worldwide by 2013, from the present $7
billion. One of the most interesting opportunities often overlooked is that of
the Government vertical.  Today, Federal, State and Local Governments as well as
Public K-12 and Higher Educational Institutions, are struggling to make budgeted
dollars meet. With significantly reduced tax revenues they, like private
businesses, are combing through every possible opportunity to reduce costs,
balance budgets and still provide necessary services to their constituents.
Ironically, at the same time they are on the front end of data security
initiatives and requirements aimed at securing data and meeting privacy
requirements. They are truly faced with a “double edged sword.”

These challenges present a unique opportunity for organizations providing MPS
to also combine their MPS offering with an understanding, resources, tools and
technology related to data and document security. These combination's not only
provide for larger and clearer ROI’s but also an opportunity for your
organization to benefit from increased revenue and a competitive offering
creating barriers to entry from a single dimensional provider.

President Barack Obama stated on May 29, 2009 “It’s now clear that this cyber
threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we
face as a nation… we’re not as prepared as we should be, as a government or as a

On October 1, 2010, at the urging of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the
Department of Defense Launched CyberCom.  “The mission of U.S. Cyber Command, or
CyberCom, is to synchronize the Defense Department's various networks and
cyberspace operations to better defend them against the onslaught of cyber
attacks.” You might ask, “How does this relate to me as a smaller or localized
business?” The reality is, this Federal initiative is just the beginning and
will filter out through other Federal, State and Local government agencies as
well as Educational Institutions.

Two Things to Consider

First, do I have the appropriate controls (People, Process, and Technology) in
place to protect my MPS environments?  Second, do I have a plan to maximize
these two ever growing opportunities in the private sector, government, and

You need to be proactive when it comes to security and governance! Regulators
and auditors are beginning to focus on document security and compliance in the
office environment. Being unprepared brings added risk, however this changing
environment also brings significant opportunity for those who are well prepared.

According to Security Park, “The worldwide security compliance and control
market is forecasted to grow to $15 billion in 2010.”  Security Park also
states, “Worldwide security hardware revenue is expected to increase to $13.6
billion in 2010.” There are numerous articles published on the benefits and
opportunities of implementing a MPS program and deploying technology that
increases productivity and reduces risk.  These same benefits and opportunities
not only apply to the private sector but to all levels of government and
education as well.

  • A 2008 survey revealed
    that “60% of Americans were not aware that the devices they used at work or
    in public places might store images of their documents on internal hard

  • A  GSA employee
    accidentally sent 12,000 names and SS numbers to private email address.

 As Government regulation
continues to roll out, government agencies will be called on to “model the way”
and live by the standards that legislators pass.  A good example of this is the
State of New Jersey that is considering legislation regarding the protection of
information stored on copy machines and multi-function devices.

Due to significant challenges in today’s business environment, shrinking
budgets, and efforts to improve operational efficiency within businesses, many
organizations desire to take managing their documents, the processes that
surround them, and the internal and external governance controls to a higher

Both the private and public sectors are looking to eliminate waste or
unnecessary processes to improve the speed and efficiency of their
organizations. They are focusing on:

  • Reducing debt and operating expenses year over year;
  • Exceeding objectives on cost controls, improving bottom lines, and
    closing budget gaps;
  • Improving document/data security and constituents privacy;
  • Establishing or improving governance of networked devices (wired and
    wireless) and software tools;
  • Providing key metrics, measurements, and intelligent reporting, for all
    critical profit and security areas

Providing “Value Added Services” both in MPS and document and data security,
changes your relationship with your business, government or educational customer
from operational to strategic.  The positive effects of this approach forms a
solid and sustainable relationship that can result in you becoming the long-term
trusted advisor in meeting or exceeding your customers, constituents, and
advisors requirements and expectations.

At the same time MPS is growing as an opportunity; Data Security, Privacy,
and Governance has moved up into the top priorities of Government Legislators,
Regulators, Agency Managers, Auditors, Legal Advisors, Insurance Providers,
Board Members, C-Level Executives, and Education Administrators due to the huge
increase in external and internal data threats and the risk of significant
financial and brand damage.

Take Action Now

The markets are growing and regulations are currently being put in place with
even more to come in the future. Regardless of when they are enacted or what
you, as an MPS provider or solutions specialist will be expected to do,
addressing the issues and creating a strategy that helps add and retain
customers, while continuously generating new business opportunities, is the
smart thing to do. Helping your customers, business, government or educational
institutions take appropriate actions now can benefit you and the individuals
whose private information may be at risk.

David Anastasi is CEO of
eDocument Sciences & past President & CEO of Captaris, Inc. acquired by OpenText. 
eDocument Sciences partners with public, private & government organizations
securing their most important asset, mission-critical data, delivering highly
secure environments, increasing productivity, scalability & ultimately value. At



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