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Remember Your P’s and Q’s: The 5 Models of Marketing

3 Jul, 2006 By: Sand Sinclair imageSource

Remember Your P’s and Q’s: The 5 Models of Marketing

of us know that marketing is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It takes ongoing
effort to find new ways to do marketing, advertising, public relations and/or
promotions on a continuous basis in order to stay “in front of” the competition.
We have to fit marketing into our schedule, like it or not. Personally, I love
the challenge. But I always remember my P’s and Q’s: the five P’s of
Professional Business Marketing – and for me, the two Q’s: a Quest for Quality.

Let’s revisit the five P’s of professional business marketing which will
serve as a model to help you plan and clarify your marketing strategies:

Positioning: Communicate to your prospects why they should do business with

Packaging: Package and present your services to generate a quick response from
qualified prospects.

Promotion: Get more qualified prospects that are ready to do business now.

Persuasion: Turn prospects into immediate sales...usually over the phone.

Performance: Keep your clients happy with great service and they’ll return and
refer others forever.

Positioning Your Business: Five key issues to consider when positioning
your business:

What exactly is your business solution? In
other words, how does your service solve a particular problem or add more value?

Who exactly are your potential clients or
customers? Where are they? What are their needs?

What is to your customers’ advantage? That is,
what differentiates you from your competitors?

What is your business identity? What are the
qualities you want to be known for?

What is your "motto”? What words sum up your
core positioning in a memorable and meaningful way?

Packaging Your Services: Five key packaging strategies for your business:

Is your business identity attractively
packaged? A logo on a business card, letterhead and collaterals need to express
your identity and positioning.

Do you have basic marketing materials such as a
brochure listing benefits and services, direct mailers, testimonials from
satisfied clients, or company bio?

Do you have a strategy for what services you'll
offer? Consider workshops, monthly coaching, unique offers as well as the basic.

Do you keep to a logistical office plan? Your
office conveys your image: signage, posters and collaterals with attitude.
Package this identity in everything.

Do you pay attention to your personal
presentation? If you're a small dealership, you are selling you. You're the
package. Do you walk your talk?

Promoting Your Services: Five key areas to help promote your services:

Are you networking enough? Join organizations; get
to know people; get involved. Do what you can to be visible

in your community.

Do you have a solid marketing letter that
highlights your benefits? This one inexpensive marketing tool is one of the

most powerful when written properly as it can move people to take action.

Do you do personal PR such as speaking and
writing? Start speaking at Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and business

associations. Write for your local or trade paper.

Are you mailing to people on your list? This is
an absolute must two to six times a year. Don't let people forget who you are
and how you can help them.

Do you have a website? You must. It doesn't
take a lot of money to create a web page and even less to post it. This is

a very powerful media tool.

The Persuasion Process: Here are five key things to consider when
developing a persuasive strategy.

Do you have a verbal logo? When asked "what do
you do?" have a concise and powerful answer that expresses what it is you offer
in a nutshell.

Do you have a basic phone approach scripted
out? Whether you get incoming or make outgoing calls, script out a plan of
action with Q & A’s.

Are people interested in what your business can
do for them? They'll be more interested if you know something about them first.
Research them.

Do you know how to generate desire for your
services? Nothing generates desire better than success stories about

successful projects.

Do you wait for people to take action or do you
move forward? You've got to ask; you've got to recommend; you've got to suggest.
Just don’t be pushy.

Performance in Your Business: Here are five key things to help develop
performance strategies.

Have you found a way to fit marketing into your
schedule? Marketing is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. You must find ways to do
ongoing marketing.

Do you keep track of both your long and
short-term projects? Do you prioritize your projects and work on those that have
the highest payoff first?

Do you have a way of combating procrastination
and delays? There is nothing worse than generating leads then getting

behind on the follow up.

Do you maintain the highest standards of
integrity and excellence? Do you under-promise or over-deliver? You will be
judged on what you do.

Are you continually working to improve your
skills in all areas? Keep expanding your knowledge in marketing, selling,
negotiations, etc. You can always acquire more.

There are multiple approaches to good marketing, from hundreds of good books
to online sources to choose from. With their help, I’ve really learned to mind
my P’s and Q’s. And speaking of Q’s, remember my little marketing motto to
follow in all your business endeavors, “Regardless of all else, your Quest is
for Quality.”

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