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Rethink Your Marketing Strategies, Don’t Reduce Them

7 Dec, 2010 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Rethink Your Marketing Strategies, Don’t Reduce Them

As 2011 quickly approaches, most in the office channel are looking to next year with anticipation. The economic downturn has impacted every industry, including ours, without question. However, as many companies continue to respond by cutting back on their marketing expenditures, it is wise to re-examine this tactic as it is essential to be front and center, to be seen and heard, as customers feel “secure” with organizations that are, or appear to be, significantly “solid.” So it’s really a matter of finding better, cost-effective marketing strategies – not eliminating them until the economy rebounds.

Today’s economy has a lot of companies facing setbacks, including your customers that are still concerned with purchasing anything, including new office equipment. While waiting for the pace to pick up, how do you stand out from the crowd, wanting to be seen & heard that you’re still here to offer good business solutions?

Strategies to Consider
You must respond quickly and effectively through strategic marketing to get your voice heard, to become or remain a “presence” that customers can rely on. If you’ve tried a few brochures and mail pieces without much success, it’s time to get assistance through dependable, affordable outsourcing experts, or gain a cost-controllable marketing solutions partner to share the costs.

Affordable Solutions
Today you or your outsourced marketing partner can create eye-opening, cost-effective campaigns that include online development tools, some with plug and play templates that help you create professional marketing and sales materials with pre-set high quality graphics, and pre-written text. This includes variable components to suit any message you want to send prospects and customers. Think “package” which include e-sales flyer/newsletters, web feeds to stream content, printable marketing to use for direct mail campaigns. It’s all there for the full effect of promoting your business. Additionally, all the information is traceable and managed, and helps establish your sales reps as appearing to “live, eat, breathe the company” you say you are. We all know how sales reps love getting marketing tools to help them close deals! This motivates your sales teams. Today, you need to ramp up your marketing efforts this way.

So Ask Yourself

To begin to successfully market your company, products and services, you first need to ask yourself some key questions before you begin this undertaking.

  • Have you positioned your company well in relation to your competition, knowing just what you stand for, before targeting accounts?

  • Do you want to be known for a particular niche, such as the leading provider of print management, mobile automation or document management? Or perhaps, the “total solutions” provider?

  • Do you provide 24-7 quality customer service and certified field techs? Are you an authorized dealer or independent? Is your portfolio specific to a few lines or a wide variety on demand?

  • Do you install and service, or outsource? The list goes on. You need to tell your customers what you stand for and what you do best, and get that message across repeatedly.

Positioning is Everything
Position your business and marketing strategy accordingly. Don’t try to be everything to everybody but instead, pinpoint your company’s strengths for the best bet to grow your business. If you don’t want to manage marketing in house with existing staff, consider outsourcing to good marketing assist companies that understand the office channel such as Evolved Office or Dealer Marketing Systems, to help “package it altogether” with consistency, using credible marketing tactics to target potential customers.

In today’s climate you need to secure your positioning. You can’t grow a business without utilizing all the available marketing tools today. You need a prepared, strategic marketing plan to follow that focuses on specific marketing objectives; a plan that encourages checks and balances for staying on track and that results in added profits.  Therefore, don’t cut back on your marketing efforts during a downturn but instead, streamline it and use what is most effective. Rethink your marketing plans for 2011. You’ll want to define your company as continually providing superior product and services that can be counted on, regardless of the economy.

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