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Sales Manager’s First Priority is to Recruit the Best People

5 Nov, 2012 By: Rich Sissen, Sissen & Associates imageSource

It is always good to review the simplest strategies that make up the platform for building powerful teams; especially as a sales manager whose job is building the best sales force possible. When you do find and recruit the right person for the job, they are easier to train, start producing faster, have higher ethics, and ultimately fit best with your team. But is your batting average on hiring the right ones 100 percent? If not, read on!

We all know that when you (manager) end up hiring the wrong person, you suddenly feel that you’ve become an inferior trainer and/or manager. You start working a lot harder but your effort is not as well received. The selection of finding and reviewing the right people engulfs your time, effort and energy as a professional manager.

Clearly Know Your Position

We have spoken before that power comes from being clear. We need to have clarity on the unique character of our job as a professional manager in order to build powerful teams.

The key words of a manager’s job description are to build a team of people capable of achieving personal and corporate goals. Once again, the verb is to build, so your success and the way you are going to be evaluated in business life is going to be based upon your ability to build a team of people capable of achieving corporate, and yes, personal, goals. When you can do that, you are a successful manager. When you do that, you are powerful in any profession.

Now if you can’t do that, you end up in a rocking chair. By that I mean it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere. We just go back and forth, etc. If you don’t have that capacity to build, you are in deep trouble. You need to evaluate if you can carry out your job as a manager in order to build a credible, quality organization. You will not get it done with quantity! When you take a loss on every deal, you will not make it up on volume! When you hire and work with marginal people, you will not make it – nor will you by hiring even more marginal people. The essence of what you do is to build a quality organization.

5 Basic Building Blocks

Let’s be clear: Your mission as a sales manager is “to build” the organization. There are five things you have to be able to do in order to build a Quality Company. Just five basic things:

  1. The first is your skill to recruit. If you personally cannot recruit enthusiastic, motivated, quality people into your organization, you are in deep trouble from the very beginning. It is difficult for one to recruit above their level of natural essence. It is very difficult for you to recruit people that are better than you. Therefore, the quality of the organization is always limited by the quality of the manager. The bottom line essence of a manager’s job is to build a quality team of capable people; as good as or better than himself. Eagles don’t flock, we have to find them one at a time.
  2. The second is your selection. After you recruit candidates, you have to be able to select which ones can actually do the job, and fit best with your team; having the same kind of values and ethics, the same interests to identify with your staff’s common goals. The team-building manager must learn the distinction between intelligence and capacity to produce. Remember, many people today are educated beyond their intelligence. Think about it!
  3. The third is your ability to train. New people must have enough skill and knowledge to survive in the job the first 100 days. Many good people are lost in the first three months because not enough happens in that critical period to give them good survival skills or they are just ignored, or not given enough information to succeed. If they are bright people who are recruited, selected and ignored for the first 100 days, they will begin to make their best contribution somewhere else. Communicate daily with your new hire!
  4. The forth is being able to manage. We have to set up systems of management that get us away from Management by Crisis and get us into Management by Objective. If you can’t do this, you might just as well carry a fire hose because you are always going to be responding to out of control fires - as opposed to setting a structure or pathway on how you are going to achieve your objectives & goals. Don’t confuse bad management with destiny.
  5. The fifth is creating a motivational environment. Those managers who feel they must constantly act as a whip-cracking motivator are riding the tiger and can never dismount. You do not have to be a hard driven motivator, but you do have to know how to create a motivational environment for your team to thrive in. Your team, in order to be truly motivated, must first understand that what they do in the job will ultimately lead to the things that they really want to achieve, as well as what’s good for the company.

Without question, how you effectively recruit, select, train, manage and motivate people, regardless of your position - owner, officer, or manager, you still need to excel at these five basic team-building responsibilities to result in a successfully run organization.

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