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Search Marketing Pays

31 Dec, 1969 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Search Marketing Pays

Every good business should consider entering into paid
searches on some level. While it may seem like a bit of a scary proposition to
enter into this market, it’s not all that difficult for a small company to
elevate its search engine rankings. It’s not as simple as bidding on a couple
keywords and putting together an ad or two, but with a few simple tricks and
tips, you can be successful.

Getting started is easy if you choose this method. You can sign up for Adwords
at http://adwords.google.com. Once you set-up your “account” you can start
creating campaigns using some easy to follow rules of the game. Here are some
helpful tips:


Keyword Selection

Select keywords that are relevant to your products and then
start to build them out with all plurals, misspellings, and different
variations, so that any kind of search term will help bring your page to the top
of the results. You have to keep in mind that many times people will mistype
search terms, so you may opt to add in words commonly misspelled, such as
“business” becoming “buis-i-ness.” Once you come up with the keywords, start to
arrange them into ‘campaigns’ usually by product or service. Within those
campaigns create ‘ad groups.’ When creating ad groups, try to keep the keywords
within each ad group as specific as possible. You should also consider using
negative keywords. Using negative keywords will allow you not to show to the
wrong users.


Testing Results

Test multiple ad copies against each other to see which one
performs the best and generates the most tangible results. A/B split testing
allows you the controls to test run multiple different paid ads against each
other in current time. Split testing software helps to choose which adaptation
will render the greatest conversion rates. Running split testing in the search
space allows you to figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t.


Tracking and Targeting

At the very least you should get conversion tracking (a
service that is offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN). There is also a lot of value
to Geo-Targeting, specifically for small regional businesses that might only be
interested in reaching a specific geographical territory.

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