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Selling the WIDE Format Market

7 Jan, 2008 By: Kathy Magenheim imageSource

Selling the WIDE Format Market

You may be asking yourself that exact question, “How difficult is it to sell
into the wide format market? This article provides questions and answers to help
you get started.  “It is a natural progression for dealers that are selling
small format hardware and software to move into selling wide format hardware
like scanners and printers,” states Jay Magenhem, president of IDEAL Scanners
and Systems, located in Rockville, MD.  “Many dealers already have their foot in
the door with companies that deal with large format images like engineering
divisions. They can ask their existing customers for contact names in other
divisions of the company that use large format drawings,” states Magenheim.
“Economically speaking, it does appear that the large format market has not
suffered the commodity pressures of the small format market.”

Whether an organization’s large format content consists of legacy engineering
drawings, as-built construction drawings, land plats, utility maps or any other
type of large format document or drawings; whether they are on blueprint paper,
mylar, plain paper or digital; or whether they are CAD-created, pencil drawn,
red lines, ink sketches or architectural renderings – if they are important to
the history, to the physical layout, or to the political boundaries or the
health and safety of the organization, or important for any other reason, a
system should be in place to scan, archive, manage, and print these important

There are many applications that can be used for the wide format market that
many small format dealers may already be familiar with including scanning,
document management, and printing.  The same questions and needs in the small
format market also apply in the wide format market.  For instance, how long does
it take someone in your company to locate a large format paper drawing?  There
are products and solutions in the wide format market to solve your customers’
problems.  There are large format scanners that deal with drawings and images
25” wide to 54” wide.  There are software solutions to help index and  manage
the images in a centralized repository either on a company’s network or online
via a web browser. There are large format color printers to print revised

Here are important questions that small format dealers can ask their
existing customers: 

  1. Are there any other departments within your organization that use large
  2. How many large format documents do you have?
  3. What kind of documents? (engineering drawings, maps, mylar, blueprints,
    graphics, Engineering Drawings)
  4. Are they archived or active? 
  5. How many times does a drawing need to be viewed for changes, revisions,
    and final approval?
  6. Do you have any of the following equipment and if so, what kind? 

         a. Large format scanner?

         b. Large format printer?

    7.   Do you have any of the following software and if
so, what program?

         c. Raster to vector
conversion software?

         d. CAD software? (AutoCAD or
mapping software from ESRI)

         e. Document management

    8. Are you having problems with any large format equipment
or activities?  

When looking for a vendor/distributor to help you solve your  customers’
problems, look for a vendor with years of experience, a vendor that provides
quality products, offers customer support, has flexibility, and has a strong
knowledge base. Today’s wide format scanning technology is faster, wider, 
delivers better image quality, captures color, and is accurate. Wide Format
hardware and software solutions are affordable and user friendly, making it
easier for dealers to make the transition from selling small format solutions to
wide format solutions.  Sign up for an overview on the products for the wide
format market by registering for an online demo, and/or visit us at ITEX’08 for
more info.  Happy Selling!

Kathy Magenheim is Marketing Manager for IDEAL Scanners & System, which
provides wide format document management hardware & software as well as large
format document conversion services. Visit
or 301.468.0123 for more info.

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