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Service Certification: PROs Elite 100

19 Feb, 2010 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Service Certification: PROs Elite 100

In February of 2009, hard work and preparation came together for Jerry
Newberry and Jeff Kelly, the partners of BEI PROs, as they set out to “Enhance
the Value they Offered in Service Consulting and Training to their Clients.”

“We have performed assessments and designed custom action plans for over 50
Dealerships during the past two years,” said Kelly.  “Each of them had similar
issues in managing productivity, critical expenses, and setting expectations.
After completing the first few On Site Assessments, Jerry and I realized that
all of these issues stemmed from the lack of training available to service
management. We began the development of the three-day Advanced Service
Management Training Program to elevate Service Manager skill sets.” Added Kelly,
“ To date, over 300 Service Managers, VPs of Service, and Presidents from over
200 Dealerships have attended this training. 

The demand for our training quickly became overwhelming so Jerry and I began
a search for an additional resource to help us meet our increasing requests for
training slots.”

Newberry, president of BEI Pros admits, “I’d heard that Steve Rolla had left
Global Imaging Systems, so Jeff and I started to recruit him almost immediately.
Steve was one of the most successful presidents during my own time at Global.
His organization won the coveted Chairman’s award and his company was the
perennial profit leader at 20% bottom line. Most importantly, Steve’s background
was Service.” Newberry goes on to say, “Steve led the nation’s largest
Independent dealers group (A-Copy) for over 10 years, setting the standard for
other companies to follow. In 1992, Steve and Global Chairman Tom Johnson,
co-authored a manual on Service Operations that became known as the Service
benchmarking model that all or most dealers strive to achieve today. During one
of our recruiting visits with Steve, we asked him to review the results that our
consulting practice had on our dealer clients. I have to admit, we were
surprised by his comments.” 

Unlocking Service Excellence

Steve Rolla was direct with the BEI partners. “I told Jerry and Jeff that
they had done an exceptional job with their 50+ dealer clients to achieve some
of the best level of service, productivity, and profitability results that I’d
seen. However, I then told them that they had only fixed half of a dealer’s
concerns. when in fact, it was my opinion they had the whole fix available. They
had contributed millions of dollars to their dealer clients’ bottom lines but
had not translated their dealers’ new found service excellence into market
growth dominance.” Rolla adds, “They had, in essence, assisted in the
development of creating the best service organizations anywhere, but to my way
of thinking, it was kept hidden, a secret. “

In March of 2009, Rolla built a process whereby BEI PROs could use their
expertise to identify “the top 100 Independent Dealers’ Service Organizations in
the USA,” and helped to define a certification program to validate such.

Said Newberry, “We’d offer exclusivity by restricting the certification
process to the single dealership we select in each market. Local ownership,
local decision making authority, local warehousing, dispatch & administration
were bare minimum criteria for selection. The most important criteria for
achieving PROs Elite 100 certification is the onsite or remote assessment, the
development of a customized action plan focused on putting the processes,
accountability & measurement systems in place to result in the achievement of
PROs Benchmark Standards, the completion of sales & service training, the
components and utilizing of PROs proprietary Performance Improvement Virtual
Operations Tool (PIVOT) to drive operational performance and profits to an elite

“No one in the industry has our experience of actually going into more than
200 companies over the past 12 years, helping to drive operational performance
and profits to benchmark performance or better. This gives our PROs Elite 100
program a level of substance and as a proven system that is unmatched in the
industry,” remarks Newberry.  “Once a Dealer achieves certification, we publish
their accomplishment in national industry resources to draw out the nationwide
significance of their achievement. We will assist in local marketing efforts
with sales collaterals that speak to each dealer’s commitment to achieve and the
experience provided from PROs Elite 100 Status, among other issues. On the day
of Certification, involved dealers receive an award for accomplishment to
spotlight their achievement. In addition, each dealer’s sales team will be
trained in the tactics utilized to sell this ultimate differentiator. Dealer
principals of the Elite 100 are invited to participate in Best Practice Seminars
conducted throughout the country, and will have unlimited access to the PROs
team for guidance on all aspects of their operation.

Market testing was performed in June and July in the Southeast, Midwest and
Northeast with customers and sales professionals, and both groups told BEI PROs
that the PROs Elite 100 certification would add value to the dealership in their
eyes and their customers, and foster loyalty to the dealership. Customers cited
the certification could be the differentiator in bids and other purchasing
processes that mandated multiple vendor responses, assuming pricing was
relative. Sales reps believe this exclusive marketing advantage in their
territory would result in additional sales. Both groups felt it was extremely
important the PROs group was an independent third-party and had the pedigree of
the finest Service Consultants in the industry, including as Co-Authors of the
service benchmarking model in use today.

“Our team of experts has a skill set that is unique to the industry,” said
Newberry. There is not another organization with individuals that have this
track record of success and the experience level of maximizing operational
performance and profitability in service. Global Imaging Systems was the most
profitable consolidator in the industry, and my primary responsibility was to go
into all acquired companies and work with the management team to drive back end
improvements, which was a key contributor to Global’s success.”

The new program received copyright approval in September, assuring content
protection from pretenders to the process, and the concept was publicly
announced at the recent CDA meeting held in October 2009. Additionally, the Pros
Team has selected two international candidates for inclusion in the program,
making BEI / Elite 100 an organization with “International Reach.”

“As hard as we tried, we had 57 dealer applications for selection in the
first three weeks of November. In December, we selected 17 of these dealers to
be part of the first wave of certified PROs Elite 100 dealers. We are very
gratified by the tremendous interest in this program,” said Rolla, however, “we
will not dilute the criteria for selection.” The program and training, without
question, will remain significant.

For more info visit www.beipros.com or
contact steve.rolla@beipros.com.

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