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Seven Essential Steps to a Superior Sales Demo

6 Oct, 2004 By: Nick Warnock imageSource

Seven Essential Steps to a Superior Sales Demo

Conduct the Demonstration on your Turf

You have a higher rate of closing a sale if a prospect comes in for a
demonstration. What I considered one of my best practices was having an intern
or co-worker pick up a client. This will make them feel extremely important and
will ultimately put them in a great mood and make them more susceptible to
investing in your proposed solution. Always be aware of the prospects time
constraints and mood before, during and after the demo. The slightest
inconvenience could send your hopes of closing the sale right down the drain.


Always Call Service and Secure a Specialist, No Matter What

When a demonstration is being performed it is imperative that the unit works
properly, including all software, hardware and demonstration originals.
Furthermore, even if the unit appears to be working flawlessly, there may be
something that you may not catch, but the trained eye of a seasoned technician
would. It is also important to have a specialist on hand to answer the second
level questions that may arise during the course of a demo. If the solution is
going to require an extended ramp up period, than you can bet that the prospect
will have their technical officers present. Having your specialist present will
also minimize the chances of you having to utter those dreaded words, “let me
check and I will let you know.” You want to clarify and explain all objections
at the time of the demo so you can ask for the order upon completion.

Set the Tone: Give an Overview of the
Agenda and Gain Pre-Commitment

This is the most critical part of the demonstration, getting a pre-commitment.
First, it is essential to convey to the prospect an understanding of their
organization’s needs and most critical requirements, which you will identify
during the presentation using a flip chart. Before making the presentation,
however, ask the question that will ensure a successful demonstration, “If I am
able to successfully show you that the unit I am about to present can
successfully perform the needed applications, do you see us moving forward
today?” If they balk or hesitate to answer the question make sure to identify
the reasons why they won’t go forward.

The Unit is the Steak and YOU are
Responsible for the Sizzle

Let’s face it customers rarely compare a purchase of office equipment to that of
buying a new car. Knowing full well that the copier is the piece of equipment in
the office that never gets praise when it does its job and always takes the
blame for a jam or decrease in productivity; you must make the experience of
buying one as exciting as possible. Make sure the applications and documents
that you will be scanning, printing and copying are entertaining. A great
technique is to have the prospect’s photograph or company awards to use for the
demo. It will customize and act as a conversation piece while the jobs are
running or while you are scanning. These subtle moves will not only build
rapport, but it will also spawn a feeling of ASSUMPTION. When a discussion
begins, we are assuming that the deal is going to move forward.

A certain level of charisma and energy must be pervasive as well. You have to
truly believe in what you are selling. Another suggestion to make the
demonstration sizzle is having the lease agreement ready in one of the trays and
have it come out at the end of the demo. Just make it hot and worth their while!


When demonstrating the specific application or feature make sure the value of
the benefit is stated, even written down on the flip chart, and the reasons why
they need this specific function for their specific workflow.


Make sure to ask them if they would like to see anything else. Review the
requirements that the prospect agreed to before starting the demonstration and
make sure they have been satisfied. Refer to the flip chart and mark them off as
you review. This is a powerful move especially when done with light heartedness
and excitement. If this is done properly they will start smiling and, as you
start to smell the money.


This is what makes the process all worthwhile. You’ve done your homework and put
together a great proposal. Now finalize the deal! Start by thanking them for
coming and your appreciation for their time. They know what you have done and
the hard work that you have gone through, so tactfully break out the paperwork
and ask them to authorize the agreement and decide on an installation schedule!


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