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Shortcuts For A Successful Promotional Campaign

31 Jul, 2006 By: Sand Sinclair imageSource

Shortcuts For A Successful Promotional Campaign

Imagine, if you will, the excitement you can generate by launching a
successful promotional campaign intended to reignite customer interest and
inform prospects that you have just the products and services that they
need...NOW and at prices they can afford.

You’ve worked hard and know that a "Great Promotional Campaign" doesn’t just
happen by chance. It takes preparation and planning, execution and follow
through before reaping the benefits.

There are five main stages to a successful promotional campaign that you’ll
need to put into context if you want to reach qualified prospects and continue
peaking your customer’s interest:

1. What is the Focus (objective) of your campaign?

Clarify your purpose: is it to boost traffic to your showroom or sell certain
products? Everyone has their own version of what works best for them but don’t
reinvent the wheel or rely on assumptions. Dealers by nature are entrepreneurs
and should know their target before aiming.

2. Who is the campaign targeted to?

To be effective, get to the people who are most likely to benefit from it. If
it’s distribution of a promotional product, this is as important as the product
and/or price itself. What is the message or central theme? Your plan is designed
to make customers more aware of your product, brand or service, intended to
increase visibility and sales. Don’t be ambiguous in what’s intended, ante up.
Remember to link recognizable logos to all important elements.

3. What is the budget?

Work within a pre-determined budget to realize the expected returns on the
project. Obviously, make it worth your while. Select a promotional product or
service that bears a relationship to your company and not solely on price. The
most effective campaigns use a well-planned out strategy. Value needs to be
perceived before opting to purchase anything.

4. Stay consistent...online and off

First, let’s review by taking a step back to look at the larger picture.
Usually, in business today, it is natural for a customer to first investigate
your company online, so right away your website should indicate the professional
message you are sending and, in most cases, your product offerings and/or your
incentive promotional products program. Here, (and pretty much everywhere else)
content development is key.

Now then, even the best salesman cannot target EVERYONE all the time, and in
every capacity, so you need more than hoping a prospect will launch a Google
search in an effort to discover your company and its products (and promotions)
and services. That’s risky and there’s no real proactive accountability. It’s
much smarter to initially promote your company by using the tools that add brand
or name awareness, peaking their interest to want to even search the web in the
first place. We all know the drill: ads, brochures, emails, faxes and mailers.
Another form, referrals or "word of mouth" acknowledgement is good but there are
times when your company requires even more, something calculable from a product
promotion to jump start your sales initiatives.

5. Mix it Up

For superior results, come up with a mix of media and/or product or services
to reach most of your channel on a rotational basis: monthly, quarterly, or
whatever is best for your customer and your particular dealership’s needs.
Forget annually. People can’t remember incentives a year ago. They move on.

What people remember is having their needs met routinely and without much
fuss. And don’t "relationship it" to death; just be the best damn solutions
provider willing to go the extra mile. If you keep that in mind, your best
promotional campaigns will be effective. Whad’ya have to lose?

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