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Smart Power Systems

15 Oct, 2008 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Smart Power Systems

Most of us have eaten in a restaurant, stayed in a hotel, driven through a
car wash, and/or used an ATM. You have likely relied on Smart Power Systems
products without even realizing it. Power quality products are needed everywhere
electronics systems are deployed. Smart Power Systems designs, manufactures, and
sells power quality products that provide the consistent, reliable electric
power required by today's digital systems. The need for high quality electric
power that is free of sags, line noise, surges and power outages has increased
rapidly in recent years. The demand for power quality has been driven largely by
the growth in the use of more sophisticated electronic equipment in both
business and in the private sector, and these applications are less tolerant of
voltage disturbances than conventional uses of electricity.

Good R & D

Bahram Mechanic is the CEO and Chief Design Engineer of Smart Power
Systems.  He uses his electrical engineering and microprocessor design
background to build effective power quality products, with patents from the
1970s. His core patent, the transformer-based filter (TBF) was introduced in the
mid-’90s. Initially designed for the copier industry, today it’s incorporated in
many products.     “We could manufacture products that are only attractive to
the market from a price point of view, but that isn’t our mission,” says
Mechanic. “It’s is to deliver the best performing products possible because
clean power is critical for such a variety of  industry applications.”

Mechanic’s latest endeavor is designing a power analyzer that will rival more
expensive units in having the ability to identify specific power issues.  “Our
goal here is to provide a simple report that could be presented to our
customer’s customer while having the ability to uncover power issues other
analyzers might miss.”      Dana Davis, National Sales Manager, explains that
the goal of Smart Power Systems is to identify the power problem as well as to
serve as a resource. “As a power quality company we believe we should help our
customers from beginning to end,” says Davis. “This has not been the norm in the
copier industry.”

Smart Power Systems offers multiple product lines with variations within each
line to meet the needs of  various industries served. “Within our filter line we
offer 7, 10, 15 & 20 amp filters to fit a wide range of applications,” says
Davis. “The common thread is they all provide computer-grade filtering so there
is a broad application.”

Power Benefits

Understanding power quality solutions benefits copier dealers for a couple
of reasons. Certain power problems are beyond the capabilities of power filters
& represent additional revenue and profit opportunities for the service
department. Failure to identify a power problem early can result in numerous
avoidable service calls. It’s important to understand the designed purpose of
power quality products. For example, while a high performing filter will clean
power close to a dedicated line, it does not address events such as voltage sags
or voltage on ground. If a dealer understands the power event, they can apply
the appropriate solution and mitigate the problem for the balance of a lease.

“Keeping up with new technologies in the field requires continuously
improving the power quality products we offer,” says Roger Faridi, R&D Manager.
“Our R&D team strives to design products that provide conditioned power needed
for cutting-edge technology. Our goal is achieving the highest level of
performance and safety.”

Smart Power Systems automatic voltage regulators help dealers minimize
service calls where fuser codes or other problems are occurring. “Copiers in
environments with high electrical demand can be  affected by voltage drops when
the  drop is 105 volts range or below.”

Smart Power Systems has a wide range of solutions that can
address any problem that technicians might encounter. Visit
www.smartpowersystems.com for

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