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Take Charge of Your Future!: The Latest in Document Technology at ITEX

12 Jan, 2007 By: Sand Sinclair imageSource

Take Charge of Your Future!: The Latest in Document Technology at ITEX

You’re in control...but are you really?  Are you making the best
“connections” business wise as the document technology backdrop becomes more
complex and fragmented? Rather than making tradeoffs and compromises, savvy
dealers need to weigh choices as to just what will bring the most benefits to
their business today.

ITEX has been called the single most focused and credible authority out there
to provide the latest industry information to drive education and insight into
the transitioning channels. The award winning convention’s founders, who
additionally publish imageSource magazine, the industry’s leading publication
for providers who manage document technology, have their hands on the pulse of
the market. They understand and explore new product technology, the advances in
integrated workflow and document management solutions, what the reasons are
behind growing your professional services and the advancing opportunities for
providers, including both networked and remote, and of significance, the
resources you will need to strategically grow your business. They don’t miss a
beat. In fact, they excel at providing the roadmap to the independent dealer who
strives to grow and profit.

ITEX 2007 is intended to highly educate and inform dealers on just how to
take control of their business, and rightfully wield the power that’s needed to
win more customers.

How do they do that? Let me take you on a “tour” of what you will find at
ITEX 2007 and what will assuredly change your business, when implemented!

In its seventh year, a 100,000 square ft. show floor will house more than 230
vendors with the latest technology in digital document imaging. Thousands of
attendees which include VARs, Dealers and Resellers will view the absolute
latest in hardware to software, to parts and supplies, as well as find new
business partners and opportunities.

To stay ahead of your competition you need to play it smart and get the most
education possible. Instead of wondering, “What do I do now?” or “How can I
adapt that into my business model?” you can let ITEX Education empower you with
the right answers you need to succeed, helping you to create an actionable game
plan for 2007 and beyond.

Get Smart

ITEX offers six dedicated tracks to specifically teach dealers how to leverage
document solutions. From core issues such as generating sales leads to new
opportunities in selling connectivity, developing partnerships, and reinventing
your business model, ITEX Education is led by industry experts who will empower
dealers with the knowledge needed to advance their business to profitable new
levels. Power Hour Sessions are included with the registration fee and comprised
within six informative track categories, with multiple sessions per each track.

Do you need to learn how to evaluate your company’s entire document workflow in
order to improve productivity?  You will find the answers in Track 1: Document
Workflow, where the sessions will discuss this and other issues, debunking the
myth of the paperless office. In Track 2: Service, the sessions will discuss
strategic objectives to make the transition to having a full portfolio of
professional services, while Track 3: Sales, sessions will discuss new kinds of
marketing and selling approaches to transform you from equipment provider to
solutions business partner. To round out the educational offering, Track 4:
Business Management, sessions will address transforming your business into the
digital realm, and will provide the new business model and processes needed to
make the transformation. What if you need to learn the real differences between
the two distinct, yet not integrated workflows that result in bottlenecks,
hoping to streamline them effectively? Well it’s all in Track 5: Document
Management sessions, among other topics. Finally, Track 6: Emerging Technologies
has sessions that will challenge the dealer on what the future brings, while
industry experts provide critical information on what they need to be aware of
for the ongoing future of their – your – business.

These well-planned sessions were developed by key experts in the industry who
have lots of critical information to share. They are intended to take you to the
frontline for the battle to do good business, and win. It is vital today to arm
yourself with the tools to carry out your business mission – that of profiting
by capitalizing on what the $41 billion dollar industry has to offer. At this
one, annual venue, ITEX -  you can find all the ammunition you’ll need.

Forum Thinking

In addition to a power packed schedule of classes, ITEX offers in depth
learning provided in two, full-day Dealer Business Forums. Forum 1 takes a
“master class” approach to provide the road map, complete with sign posts, to
meet and exceed expectations for US Office equipment dealers. Led by a panel of
four venerable industry experts, two specific categories will be discussed to
maximize opportunities. Both Selling the Total Document System and Meeting the
Changing Needs in a Parity Market will address topics such as increasing
profitability in a rapidly changing market, selling packages of systems,
learning which products to promote, and understanding where to generate profit
in the ever evolving networked market. The agenda for this forum is informative
and highly actionable, and the collaborative panel of consultants provides a
powerhouse of strategies for dealers to adapt to their own businesses for
success and profit.


A second forum is scheduled for AIIM. This full-day session is a
one-of-a-kind training program to become an AIIM ECM Practitioner. The ECM
Practitioner Program covers the information lifecycle and related concepts such
as electronic document management, collaboration, business process management,
and electronic records management. This training program will help you answer
the question, “What is ECM?” and will lead to the designation of AIIM ECM

ITEX brings additional elements to consider each year, sparking
provider/vendor interest. A brand new opportunity is available at ITEX 2007 for
the first time at the show.  This is e2e Meetings, the recently established
executive to executive tradeshow that links manufacturers and dealers together
for prescheduled, private one-on-one focus sessions. The result is instant
accessibility to industry movers and shakers, leading to highly profitable
partnerships. Established as a premiere enterprise to help industry providers
get face-to-face with the channel’s key decision makers, leading OEMs and
associated vendors not normally available in a setting conducive to networking,
the e2e Meetings are now available for a limited time during ITEX 2007.

e2e Meetings allow manufacturers and dealers to review new items, marketing
initiatives, strategic direction, and partner up in a private atmosphere
conducive to in depth discussions and socializing. What makes the process work
is the full cooperation of all participating dealers and manufacturers intending
to do business within this framework. The participating vendors have made an
investment of time and money in order to have the ability to meet specific
dealers in a closed setting. The commitment consists of 30-minute intervals that
rotate dealers from one meeting space to another in order to meet each scheduled
manufacturer involved, creating a unique synergy that leads to profitable

The premiere event was successfully launched earlier in the year, and was
tremendously successful when the Copier Dealers Association (CDA), the most
prestigious group of copier and printer dealers in the United States, engaged in
the opportunity for multiple vendors to get up-close and personal in a friendly,
non-stressful environment for pre-scheduled, productive meetings. Included were
La Crosse Management Systems, GreatAmerica Leasing, Digital Gateway, Katun,
SHARP, Panasonic, CustomizedWorks, ESP, and Muratec which engaged the REAL
bottom-line decision makers from the CDA.

According to John Kuchta, CDA president and owner of Solution One, “Thanks
for launching this concept at the CDA annual conference.  It was a first class
event and all of the participants’ remarks have been complimentary. Your vendors
should follow up to maximize this concept...along with ITEX.”  In addition,
Steve Mullen, VP of Operations, Panasonic exclaimed, “I want to thank your whole
staff for making the (e2eMeetings)event not just a wonderful experience, but
very, very beneficial for myself and Panasonic. I am sure everyone who
attended,both vendors and CDA members alike,felt the same...”  Credible
testimonials from key industry players does say it all! For more information
visit www.itexshow.com/e2e.

Dealer of the Year

Last year’s 2006 ITEX launched the imageSource Perfect Image Awards (PIAs).
This  year’s 2007 awards, again presented by ITEX founder Marc Spring, publisher
of imageSource magazine, will honor those dealerships that reflect excellence
within well-defined categories.  These awards are impartially judged by a panel
of industry experts and peers.  Not only do awards herald a company’s
achievements and its commitment to success, they create media buzz and brand
recognition which spotlights the award-winning dealers’ to their customers  and
manufacturers. Last year’s winner for Dealer of the Year, Thermocopy in
Tennessee, said the prestigious award highlighted the company in such a positive
way  that it helped create new awareness and interest,adding even more
credibility to their name. Dealers interested in more information can visit

In a nutshell, ITEX 2007 seeks to be your best partner in helping you to
climb the mountain with the best “equipment” and tools you will need to both get
a clearer picture of the changing document landscape, as well as profit from the
emerging opportunities. With name brand OEMs, manufacturers of hardware and
software solutions to preview, and quality education to help you prosper, ITEX
2007 offers countless opportunities to choose from.  Take Control of Them to

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