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The Buzz on BEI PROS

17 Apr, 2009 By: Sand Sinclair imageSource

The Buzz on BEI PROS

When it comes to a dealership’s service area, a chief
component to achieving high profit margins, today’s dealers are realizing that
it takes skill and experience to meet specific benchmarks that will lead to the
profitability they are seeking. Often, it takes leadership, training and
strategies brought in from an experienced outsourced provider, such as BEI

BEI Pros is an innovative service profitability consulting /
training group, whereby the company‘s management has a proven track record for
helping companies improve their bottom line profitability and operational
performance in service. To get more insight on the company, imageSource
interviewed company founder, Jerry Newberry (President), and Jeff Kelly (Vice
President) to spotlight some important offerings that BEI Pros is currently
making available to the dealer community. Additionally, imageSource spoke to three dealership clients of BEI Pros:
Sean Guerin, CEO of U.S. Imaging, Dean Boring, President of Boring Business Systems,
and Steve Clapp, President of North American Office Systems, all wanting to
shed light on the company’s real advantages.

imageSource: Jerry, there’s a lot of buzz on BEI Pros
lately. Tell us about the services that you offer the dealer community.

Jerry: Our mission with BEI Pros has always been focused on
assisting the dealer environment in achieving high service profitability and
maximizing service operational performance. We started with the industry’s most
extensive onsite consulting service. Many dealers actually know the challenges
that exist within their service organization. Therefore, our strategic focus is
not only to identify new areas of opportunity but to develop a customized
action plan that lays out a specific step-by-step implementation strategy to
improve every area identified.  We
provide all process and procedures necessary to execute the improvement plan,
and really get heavily involved in the execution of the plan at the manager
level. This level of involvement has been the key to the success and growth of
our consulting business.

IS: Jeff, tell
us about the “first advanced service management training program” the company is launching.

Jeff: Our Advanced Service Management-Operational Excellence
& Profitability Improvement Training was designed to fill a major void that
exists within the Document Imaging Industry. We have discovered that there is
no formal training that covers all aspects of maximizing service operational performance and
profitability. As a result, we have developed a four-day, all encompassing
training program that specifically focuses on addressing this area.

Our world class training program is guaranteed to provide
the skill set needed for Service Management to improve an organization’s
operational performance and profitability, and to ensure that they provide the
highest level of customer service to their perspective market. We have gone to
great effort to ensure that our training program provides all participants with
a hands-on approach that takes all of the elements introduced in our program,
and puts them together into a practical application. We accomplish this through
breakout groups and case studies that require the participants to take this
training and apply it to real world scenarios. In fact, we just concluded our
first advanced management training program and some of the quotes we received
from the attendees included comments such as “after this training I feel that I
have been given a road map to resolve key service issues” or “this training is
exactly what I needed to jump start the transition of my service

IS: Okay, let’s
hear more from 3 industry dealership clients utilizing BEI Pros:

Sean Guerin is CEO of U.S. Imaging, having founded the So.
Florida company in 1998 with Britt Sikes. First growing from a toner resource
selling from a garage, the company now focuses on organizations with 100 or
more employees and offers Total Output Management solutions, including a
dynamic Managed Print Services offering.

IS: Sean, what
improvements have you seen or made since using BEI

Sean: Starting on the first day, we were able to begin
making improvements with the efforts of BEI Pros. With their experience in
territory analysis, parts usage reports, and contract analysis, we were able to
make some changes almost immediately, and that has significantly improved our
service profitability.  Over the longer
term, we are in a much better position to manage our service business utilizing
the tools and changes that BEI Pros helped to initiate.

IS: How does the
company compare to other industry

Sean: The biggest difference in my mind between BEI Pros and
other consultants is their ability to not only tell us where our problems are,
but provide us the road map to correct those issues; then sticking around to
help us execute on our plan.  They
proactively follow up to ensure our future success. They don’t just perform a
one-time informational dump.  They are
extremely methodical and analytical which, coupled with their passion to
successfully execute the plan, have essentially given us the keys to the
kingdom.  There are no silver bullets out
there, but they provide you with a sleeve of ammo to quickly take out your
targets. Not to mention they make it an enjoyable experience.

IS: Can we
assume you’d recommend BEI Pros to others needing improvement in service operations?

Sean:  Are we
satisfied with the ROI?  Without
question. The biggest compliment I can offer is the fact that I have
recommended BEI Pros to numerous dealers across the country.  There are very few dealers that wouldn’t
benefit from hiring BEI Pros.

Dean Boring is President of Boring Business Systems,
representing the third generation of the 85-year old locally owned company that
provides office systems, office supplies, and office furniture that supports
customized solutions to mid-market and instructional customers in Central

IS: Dean, tell
us what kind of impact “the Pros” has had on your

Dean: After BEI’s assessment in early May ’08, we started
seeing service performance improvements late June and early July.  Our total call count came down as did every
other service performance metric, including response times. By August, we
started seeing improvement in the financial metrics as our parts costs went
down. By fall we had reduced our service head count by attrition and now our GP
is at the CDA model.

IS: From your
experience, how does the company compare to other

Dean: There are probably no more than 5 industry consultants
that I have ever worked with who had such a dramatic impact that was
replicable. Jerry Newberry takes his clients very seriously, and follows up by
always keeping in touch with us to make sure we are on track.

IS: Bottom line,
Dean, are you satisfied with your return on

Dean: Absolutely, beyond any doubt. And I want to thank the CDA for having Jerry speak to our group.  That provided me with the opportunity to hear Jerry’s presentation
first-hand, and to engage his services which are still paying dividends.

Steve Clapp is President of North American Office Systems,
having founded the company in 2001 with Kyle Muehlstein. From first selling
toners in their garage (inspired by U.S. Imaging’s founders), today they
represent Canon and are the largest independently owned and operated Konica
Minolta dealer that is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

IS: Steve, what
feedback have you received from your service management
regarding their experience with BEI Pros?

Steve: All the feedback, from not only our service manager
but our entire service staff, has been 100% positive.  With the changes BEI suggested, we are now
able to work in a much more efficient manner, not only providing better
customer service but reducing our response time and increasing our client’s up
time. Our service manager also expresses that BEI Pros not only gave us
recommendations, but works closely with our organization to implement
them;  monitoring our progress, giving us
benchmarks, and devising specific steps to ensure that the recommendations are
actually working properly.

IS: List
specific improvements that have now occurred within your
service organization.

Steve: Specifically, BEI has increased our response times to
customers from the standard 4 hours in our industry, to under 3 hours across
the board.  Our copies between calls have
always been very good but BEI has increased this productivity 25%, which means
our service in our market is second to none.  Through increased efficiencies, BEI has also allowed our service
department to handle more customers with the same amount of technicians while
not compromising customer satisfaction. They have also helped us realign our
territories, decrease parts expense, streamline ordering & manage costs to
our clients overall.

IS: What
specific impact has there been on the level of customer service that your
company provides to its customer base?

Steve: Our level of customer service has always been good,
however, since BEI came into our organization, we can now say that we offer our
clients “world class service.”

The dealers have spoken...

IS: Okay, Jerry,
your clients had lots of good things
to say about BEI Pros, but as its president,
you get the last word.

Jerry: Let me add that we have developed another program
that we are very excited about. As you are probably aware, managed print
services is the next big waive in our industry. Six months ago we started
developing a print management training program for service. We have worked with
numerous companies that are very successful in the print management arena, and
have analyzed their business practices and used our experience in the service
industry to develop the first Print Management Financial and Operational Model
for Service.

There are some significant differences between what drives
profit and performance in print management versus the MFP world, including what
type of service personnel is needed, the best options for sourcing parts &
supplies, or how do you price a CPP contract or know how to control your COGS?
These are just some of the key questions that company presidents and service
management have regarding managed print services.

As a result, you will soon be seeing announcements from BEI
Pros on an all encompassing program that is a “one-stop-shop” for all of your
print management training needs (sales; service; operations). BEI Pros has
partnered with a well-qualified team of training executives that have
implemented a very successful national sales training program for MPS, with a
track record for a well-proven process.

Of course we would like to thank all current BEI PROS
customers for allowing us to work with their organizations. We sincerely get
satisfaction from seeing each company’s service area profit, along with having
operations and customer service improve!

For more information on BEI Pros visit www.beipros.com or
call 1.813.713.3592.

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