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The X Factor in the IT Sector

11 Oct, 2011 By: Dr. Satwant Kaur, HP imageSource

All businesses need to educate themselves and their staff on some facets of IT and the new cutting edge technologies today, in order to keep pace with the innovations that are changing the way we conduct general business. Mobility, faster turnaround time, better
quality in transferring information; security issues to safeguard information are paramount concerns today.

IT service and solutions providers need to continually remain on the cutting edge of technology as new technologies and solutions emerge. Advanced IT capabilities can enhance your competitive advantage with the services you deliver to your customers. And yes, will result in many more managed service contracts overall.

With companies facing growing competition for scarce technical skills, the demand for outsourced IT services has grown. Customers would have to employ additional IT staff to carry out the processes that can be automated by IT services and solutions providers. Besides general IT services consider Cloud-based Communication, Collaboration, and Infrastructure Solutions, including specialized Compliance & Security services that enable clients to fulfill regulatory requirements to protect their data, among service offerings.

Outsourced IT Services:

Comprehensive outsourced IT services provide complete management and maintenance of customer’s technology infrastructures. Example, an integrated Network, Voice Management and Service Availability Management outsourced solution can enable IT services and solutions providers to monitor thousands of infrastructure devices at hundreds of customer sites. These include:

  • Device performance and application
    availability levels
  • Incident alerts & customer reports can all be co-ordinated with this integrated solution & will help to minimize downtime

On-site Services:

By providing customers a team of on-site specialists, providers can monitor challenges and opportunities when they happen and
offer proactive advice and remedies. On-site services include:

  • Network Support
  • Emergency Services
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Data Center Operations
  • Managed IT Infrastructure Services

By providing IT Management, IT services and solutions providers can manage maintain and support a client’s entire or partial IT infrastructure, whether the equipment is at the client location or in the IT service & solution provider’s centers. Includes:

  • Network Support
  • Management and monitoring of desktops, servers and networks
  • Installation, management and updating of virus, spam & spyware, malware software
  • Backing up servers and workstations
  • Installation and management of software updates and patches
  • Installation and management of firewalls
  • Hosting emails in provider data centers
  • Cloud Based Desktops as secure alternatives to managing & maintaining in house desktop equipment
  • Desktop Encryption services provide disk encryption for laptops and desktops. This includes managing the entire encryption process, including administering policies, users, and configurations.
  • Email archiving services
  • Archiving for compliance services
  • Email encryption services
  • Network Management Services
  • Device Management
  • Device Availability Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring

Applications Services:

Application services allow maximizing uptime and security of business applications.

  • IT services and solutions providers can host and manage application platforms from basic messaging services to full ERP solutions

Desktop Services:

Desktop Services enhance productivity and reduce energy costs.

  • IT services and solutions providers can provide a range of local IT and remote support services from PC break and fix to fully managed desktop services

Server and Storage Services:

Server and Storage Services optimize infrastructure to raise performance & reduce management costs.

Mobile Network Services:

Mobile Network Services can help clients identify and install the ROI mobile infrastructure and provide independent expertise on the best handset, provider, tariff or overall mobile solution that suits their needs.

Data Network Services:

Help clients with independent advice on the best network for their business by working with major carriers.

Voice and video Services:

Help clients harness the best services available, reduce costs & simplify management.

  • Hosted IP telephony services reduce the need for major on-site infrastructure

Data Center Services

IT services and solutions provider can advise clients on designs, implementation and management of data center environments for a complete and secure data service.

  • Provides benefits of virtualization, without the time, costs & resources required to deploy and maintain client’s own on-premise solution. Example: Using VMware platform, providers can deploy, manage and support a client’s virtual server environment.
  • Managed Hosting
  • Colocation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Web Hosting
  • IT Automation Technology Services

Not just ensuring that its solutions meet client needs, IT services companies must maintain the efficiency and quality of its own IT operations, to ensure faster customer response.

Utilize the IT Automation technologies available to provide these IT services and solutions. For example, device performance, application availability levels, incident alerts and customer reports are all seamlessly managed via CA solutions.

  • CA eHealth Network Performance Manager, CA SPECTRUM Network Fault Manager, and CA Unicenter Network and Systems Management solutions supports IT services companies throughout the IT management & monitoring process and helps minimize downtime for its clients.
  • CA SPECTRUM allows clients to create tailored reports via an online portal, which gives them greater flexibility
  • CA eHealth overviews detail the performance of every device monitored at a customer site. Thus highlighting what devices need replacing and to identify areas for service improvement.
  • Clients rely on applications, such as email, for core business processes. Using CA Unicenter NSM, clients get visibility into delivery of an SLA-based service around core applications

Integrated Communications Solutions

Integrated Communications Solutions such as Seamless integration of cloud-based email, mobile sync, VoIP, etc., to help customers stay connected anywhere.

Cloud VoIP solutions allow convergence of data and voice networks so customers can consolidate operating costs:

Messaging Services include:

  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting
  • Commercial Messaging Service
  • Hosted Office Communications Server
  • Hosted SharePoint
  • Mobility
  • Messaging Continuity & Archiving
  • Messaging Compliance Manager
  • MailSafe™ Email Encryption
  • Email Content Filtering
  • SPAM and Virus Filtering
  • Integrated Collaboration Solutions

By integrating Web Conferencing, Hosted SharePoint collaboration tools, Hosted Exchange, Secure Instant Messaging, etc., allows customers to connect people and collaborate.

Integrated Compliance & Security Solutions

Compliance and Security Services can help client organizations quickly achieve and maintain compliance.

Integration of Exchange Email with Mobile Sync, Compliance Archiving, Email Encryption, and Secure Instant Messaging can provide customers secure messaging which meets industry & regulatory requirements.

Information Security Services provide protection and compliance for businesses. Cost-effective security-as-a-software platform enable comprehensive compliance, security and messaging services. Information Security services help prevent attacks and address network vulnerabilities and protect clients from the edge, core, and system security layers. Examples:

  • E-Security Trainingc
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Policy Compliance Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Web Content Filtering
  • VPN Remote User Access

Security consulting services can help clients mitigate risk and secure mission-critical systems. These services include:

  • Security Assessment
  • Information Risk Assessment
  • IT Controls Audit
  • Cloud based Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud-based infrastructure solutions can provide secure, reliable infrastructure without having to maintain in-house equipment.

  • Hosted Infrastructure solutions such as Online Backup of data and Website Hosting
  • Software located on client desktops is housed and managed on servers in remote secure data centers and accessible through a web browser

Cloud computing provides customers a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure.

IT services & solutions companies can differentiate themselves…to reach more clients with new managed services.

Dr. Satwant Kaur is a Technology Consultant; author of “Transitioning Embedded Systems to Intelligent Environments”; was a platform strategist in the Intel Architecture Group. At Satwant.Kaur@gmail.com

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