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To Google or not to Google

1 Jan, 2013 By: Frank Malloch, Executive Technologies, Inc. imageSource

“It’s more than a search engine and free email.”

I sell software; document imaging software to be more specific. So why would I be writing an article about Google? It’s pretty simple actually; our document imaging software is Google–enabled; therein lies the premise for this endeavor.

Since I talk to dealers everyday about document imaging I have to bring up Google, and bringing them up opens a completely different type conversation. So what exactly do I mean by “discussing Google”?

I’m referring to Google Apps for Business. Yes it’s more than a search engine and free email. In fact, I believe that the dealer channel should take a closer look at what Google is doing and make itself familiar with it. Why do I think you should understand Google Apps for Business? Because your customers do and you need to be on the same level of knowledge (or more) as they are, to be credible.

Serving Up

Google Apps for Business is a suite of business productivity applications that serve several key business requirements as well as adding a depth of collaboration that can add, exponentially, to productivity. Applications such as Email, Docs, Calendar, Sheets, Sites and Youtube are delivered via the Cloud and personalized to your domain.

How can these applications benefit a dealer? Let’s take a look at a few.

First and foremost, a switch to Google is a money saving step; goodbye Exchange and the server you rode in on, as well as the support, updates and ever present fees. So now that we are saving money and have lost the headache of email support, let’s look deeper.

Want to run a promotion on a specific product or service? Fire up a feature called Sites, and create a webpage, embed a video, place a downloadable brochure, and even have a “contact me” form. There is no need to pay a web developer; Sites is gadget driven and easy to learn.

Need help working out the wording in a proposal? Share it with your manager and the two of you can work on it together from wherever you are; across the room or across the country, with easily accessible content. Yes, simplicity is alive and well.

Profit Stream

So if a dealer can save money and be more productive by switching to Google, wouldn’t the same apply to your customers?

Dealers are looking in many places to try and develop more revenue streams so why not look at reselling Google? Yes, Google has a reseller program and the best part is, there is nothing for the dealer to invest in first.

Okay, I understand that we have a lot of products and services at our disposal, but this may be a “product” to look at. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, and there is room for profit. Yes, that’s right…profit.

In the case of reselling Google Apps however, it’s not only profit that’s the most important. Think about that cash in a business is a finite product; there’s only so much of it to go around. So if you Google-enable your customer, add to their productivity and save them money, there is more money available to spend on your other goods and services. You can target and focus elsewhere while having established trust and rapport with your client who is thankful for your helping them to establish more cost-effective productivity.

Here is more good news. If you think that this whole Google Apps thing makes sense for you and your customers but you’re worried that you just may not have the technical resources to deliver it, relax, there’s an app for that.

In fact, there are high-end Cloud delivery companies that specialize in just this type of integration; that have white label programs. They can provide the personalized brochures and backend support; while you supply the customers and enjoy the additional revenue.

Again I ask, should a dealer become familiar with Google and Google Apps? An emphatic yes! If for no other reason than to be able to keep up with what many of your customers already know, and want.

About the Author: Frank Malloch

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