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Tracking & Servicing printers with Mobile GPS

5 Dec, 2012 By: Dr. Satwant Kaur, HP imageSource

Mobile GPS enabled devices can be configured to send alerts in various situations.

After talking with Dr. Kaur, here is an excerpt from that interview to review:

[imageSource] What is Mobile GPS?

[Satwant] Mobile GPS tracking is the technology that enables the locating position of GPS devices whether they are mobile or stationary, as long as they have the ability to communicate with GPS.

Mobile positioning of these GPS devices is achieved by using location-based service that gets the coordinates of a GPS device bearer. The Mobile GPS device that is equipped (with GPS) sends precise location information to the device to the person/system monitoring it.

Tracking is done by the GPS device to attain a person’s GPS-location from the satellites, and then having the information sent via any Wi-Fi network to the person that is trying to locate the telephone.

Of course, Mobile GPS is beneficial to service technicians since they can now call on accounts or find equipment in the account they have to service or repair.

[imageSource] How does Mobile GPS basically work?

[Satwant] Let me list them as such:

  • Mobile GPS devices work by connecting through GPS satellites to track GPS enabled objects.
  • The dispatchers or any other monitoring person/system can look up trackers online through Web or a Mobile App.
  • These Mobile GPS enabled device can be configured to send alerts in various situations such as speed limit violations of the technician driving, or a machine/printer in field (MIF) that has stopped responding.

[imageSource] How are Mobile GPS devices good for Printer tracking and servicing?

[Satwant] Mobile GPS Devices are excellent for real time live Printer Tracking as well as recovering stolen or lost printers. Live printer tracking can be accomplished as follows:

  • Printers can be equipped with a Tracking Mobile GPS device.
  • Print Tracking becomes a non-invasive software solution for gathering meter reads from copiers and printers.
  • Meter data is passed securely through firewalls using the HTTPS protocol and hence does not create security vulnerabilities.
  • Service dispatchers can communicate the live whereabouts of the printer to the technician, who can go straight to site, and repair or service the printer(s).

[imageSource] Tell us more about the different kinds of Mobile GPS Assets Tracking Systems.

[Satwant] GPS tracking systems come in two types: GPS Passive Tracking and GPS Real Time Tracking:

  • GPS Passive Tracking can tell us the historical location of the tracked object. It typically uses a GPS data logger to record data offline and then downloads the data to the PC for map view. However, passive tracking cannot do real-time alert notifications for events of interest such as speed violations.
  • GPS Real-Time Tracking can tell us the location of the tracked object. It can use communication technologies such as Wi-Fi or satellite communication networks (GPS) to receive location update messages from monitored objects in real-time. Digital can display locations of tracked objects in real time.

[imageSource] What are the other benefits of Mobile GPS tracking for our field technicians?

[Satwant] Mobile GPS tracking improves productivity:

  • Mobile GPS tracking technology brings to businesses better productivity due to better communication and management that it enables.

Mobile GPS tracking improves customer service experience:

  • Mobile GPS helps improve customer service experience by reduced service response times and reducing operating costs for customers as well. It also helps them by extending the life of serviced equipment.

Real Time Communication with Service Technicians without need of talking on cell phone:

  • In addition to printers having GPS mobile devices, the cell phones used by technicians can also have Mobile GPS to make it easier to communicate with regard to route guidance and proximity of other printers in the vicinity that need servicing. The dispatchers will automatically know the position and location of technician.

Real Time traffic Reporting keeps Service Technicians safe:

  • Traffic reporting to technicians also helps with real time traffic conditions so technicians can be rerouted in time and safely away from congested roads and accidents.

Mobile GPS on printers leads to intelligent and informed dispatching of service technicians:

  • Fuel efficiency is achieved by allowing the Printer Service Technicians to optimize work routes based on proximity to the printer location.
  • Productivity is achieved by Printer Service Technicians unique ability to locate the printers that he has to locate.
  • Less travel time per service call.
  • Improves customer service.

[imageSource] Tell us some other uses beyond field service technicians.

[Satwant] GPS Tracking can provide great value in a variety of industries where time accountability and proof of service is needed to reduce vehicle operation costs and improve customer service:

  • Mobile GPS trackers embedded into medical-alert devices can help locate patients that have reduced mental faculties.
  • Mobile GPS trackers on pets can help locate lost pets.
  • Mobile GPS trackers in children’s backpack when away from home or school.
  • Mobile GPS Tracker on criminals can alert authorities each time specified offenders come near public facilities such as schools and playgrounds.

[imageSource] Thanks for sharing your insight. No wonder you’re called the First Lady of Emerging Technologies!

[Satwant] I’m pleased to have the opportunity to speak to imageSource readers each month. I look forward to sharing the latest technology and innovations that are available today.

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