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Weatherford International Utilizes Distributed Capture to Improve Business Processes - Part II

9 Aug, 2007 By: Captovision Captovision imageSource

Weatherford International Utilizes Distributed Capture to Improve Business Processes - Part II


Weatherford determined that a document imaging system would help them improve
their invoice processing procedures and enhance information sharing. The first
step in choosing a system was determining document volumes at their corporate
and regional offices. Weatherford’s central accounts payable (AP) department had
a fairly high document volume, so they implemented Captovation Scan and Index
components at corporate in Houston, TX, as well as in the regional office in
Canada and in the United Kingdom. However, Weatherford’s other regional offices
did not have a high enough volume to warrant implementing a production-level
document capture system. Furthermore, with both regional and field offices
around the world, including countries in Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia,
Indonesia, China and Brunei), Europe (Scotland, the Netherlands), the Middle
East (United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, etc.) and North America (Canada,
United States), Weatherford felt that implementing such software at over a
hundred locations would be expensive and difficult to administer from a central
IT perspective.

Based upon these factors, Weatherford began to evaluate distributed document
capture at their remote locations. In learning that Captovation had such an
offering, they were interested in installing Captovation Web Capture for a short
proof-of-concept phase. Satisfied with the functionality Web Capture provided,
Weatherford implemented distributed capture at the smaller regional offices, as
well as at the remote office locations that were currently sending physical
invoices and QA documents to regional offices. Since Web Capture does not
require manual software installation, Weatherford’s biggest implementation
concern was put to ease. “Not only did it allow for fast implementation, it was
also very easy for us to train our field staff and convenient for them to use,”
said Kathy Hern, Advanced Systems Manager for Weatherford International. “In
fact, we were able to train many of our users through web meetings.”


Weatherford purchased 150 user licenses of Captovation Web Capture and timed the
installation of the program with the roll-out of their new ERP system - JD
Edwards. This was done to ensure that employee training for the two systems
would coincide. Remote users utilize Captovation Web Capture with scanners such
as the Fujitsu 5120C document scanners and the Savin IS200e network scanners to
scan and index invoices, QA documents, and backup documentation for customer
invoices. To streamline the indexing process, remote users take advantage of a
Captovation Web Capture feature that enables it to perform database lookups over
the Internet. This unique functionality utilizes XML (extensible markup
language) technology to facilitate the data transfer from corporate to remote
offices. Being firewall friendly, XML allows the database lookup and data return
to take place without incident, thereby allowing remote users complete access to
corporate databases. With this feature, processing documents involves these

1. Users scan documents.

2. Users index documents and perform database lookups against Weatherford’s JD
Edwards system. For example, user keys Order Number in index field and initiates
database lookup on Order Number field. Order Number is used to query the DB2
database for JD Edwards. All other relevant data pertaining to that order
number, such as customer number, company number, etc., is returned to the user
in a list grid.

3. Users select correct invoice information from grid.

4. Users send images and index data over the Internet via secure hyper text
transfer protocol (https) to corporate.

5. Web Capture Server, installed at corporate, archives images and data into
Weatherford’s electronic document management system – Oracle (Stellent) Imaging
and Process Management (I/PM).


-- Information Sharing

Web Capture initiates and expedites the information sharing process by imaging
documents at their point of origination and archiving them in Oracle I/PM.
Oracle allows all local and remote users with access rights to query the system
and retrieve company documents. The corporate office in Houston no longer has to
contact remote sites to pull documents when needed for review.

-- Document Index Control

All document index fields available to Web Capture users are configured
centrally at Weatherford corporate by an administrator. This ensures that
consistent index data is applied to all documents across Weatherford’s entire
organization. This is further helped by Web Capture’s ability to perform
database lookups against Weatherford’s JD Edwards system.

-- Time Savings

There have been significant improvements in the time it takes to process an
invoice. With scanning and indexing done in the field, documents are more
quickly available for processing and readily available within Oracle I/PM. At
the same time, unique I/PM integration enables invoice information to be more
easily entered into Weatherford’s JD Edwards system while viewing an electronic
image of the invoice.

-- Reduced Storage Costs

Storage costs have also been reduced. Accounts payable files no longer need to
be filed or stored off-site. Once the documents are scanned, indexed, and
archived, they become immediately available in electronic format.

-- Sarbanes Oxley

Additionally, the entire solution has helped Weatherford meet the Sarbanes-Oxley
requirements. With the help of Captovation Web Capture implemented with the JD
Edwards system, Weatherford International has been able to create a transparent
and auditable system for recording transactions, dealings and any kind of
business correspondence that must also be archived. As far as being in
compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, Weatherford has taken a very important first
step by imaging and electronically storing important company documents – most
importantly sales transactions (Customer Invoices and supporting backup
documentation). This will help them not only find information quickly and
easily, but also provide the necessary audit trails in the case of inspection
ratings, etc., on tools sent out to a jobsite.

“Captovation Web Capture has enabled our users to process and submit document
images and data in a timely and convenient matter. It has improved our
day-to-day operations and helped provide quick and easy access to all invoices
and reports,” added Hern.

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