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What’s in a Name: Rebranding to Get Recentered

11 Dec, 2006 By: Sand Sinclair imageSource

What’s in a Name: Rebranding to Get Recentered

CopyWorld, and its sister company DocuNet, had been a Baltimore tradition for
over forty years, providing the entire metro region with copiers, printers,
service and supplies.  However, as the industry began to move towards integrated
solutions, the company name(s) did not adequately portray their evolving image
as a full service provider. The goals were changing; so too, would the company

After going through a year long process which included market studies
performed by agency marketing consultants in the area, the CopyWorld dealership
implemented a bold new strategy: a name change to brand themselves as a company
that provided total document management, encompassing digital technology, color,
connectivity, scanning and solutions. After evaluating many options and
investing tens of thousands of dollars in the process, the new, innovative
CENTRIC Business Systems was created to match the digital evolution that
transitioned the company into a full-service provider.

According to CENTRIC president, Rick Bastinelli, who purchased the company in
1990, their business evolved over a 16 year period and a new name was needed to
be indicative of the products and services offered. The task was to find a name
that was easy to recall, high tech, catchy and related to their industry. "After
nine months of evaluating pages of potential names, we finally decided on
CENTRIC," said Bastinelli. "In today’s office environment, our multifunctional
products serve as the central communication device, being at the center of
office activity."

In addition, the name focuses on their core commitment to their customers.
"Everyone in this organization is centered on helping our customers achieve
their desired results," said Bastinelli. "We are confident that the transition
from CopyWorld to CENTRIC repositions us as a document solutions provider in the
marketplace and that it provides the launch pad for greater market share – both
with our existing customer base and in the marketplace as a whole."

The Name Game

Initially, the dealership sold Sharp under CopyWorld, and sold Ricoh under
DocuNet. Through their market research and sales experience they realized it was
difficult and expensive to brand two names. In the final analysis, they opted to
develop a one name strategy with two competing divisions: the Sharp Division and
the Ricoh Division. Each has their own facilities, sales and management teams,
and support staff.  This new marketing strategy has produced significant market
penetration and does allow each division to work together to offer their clients
the best solution from an array of award winning products.

"CENTRIC in total is designed to be a single source provider of office
technology, citing better solutions, superior technology, and quality people to
rely on; all the ingredients that make it possible to build solid, long-lasting
relationships," continues Bastinelli.

Media Savvy

For the transition to become complete, it required a new look, logo and
theme. The company redesigned their corporate brochures and folders and
maintained that theme when developing their new product and solution-based
website, letterhead stationery, business cards, truck design, equipment labels,
building signage, proposals and other collateral materials.

To communicate these changes to the marketplace, they started with a teaser
holiday mailing to their customers followed by a personalized letter explaining
their name change. They needed to educate their clients while providing
assurance that the company did not sell or merge, and that the employees,
products and superior services were still intact. They produced radio spots and
hired four major stations to run continuing ads on the name change. That effort
was reinforced by high profile billboards and print ads in local business
publications. The company used the media wisely to their advantage, and best of
all, the strategy was very successful, with customers responding favorably.

Group Mentality

CENTRIC also developed a Network Integration Services group (NIS) that has
two distinct divisions: Print Management and Document Management. Both are
staffed with presales specialists who support their field sales staff with any
applications in those areas. They additionally maintain technical specialists
who support, design and implement solutions for their customers. When asked
about the Customer First program, based on providing superior customer service,
Bastinelli indicates, "This is our culture. It is alive and well and something
we instill in our employees to implement every day, with every customer."

Bastinelli, who is also currently the chairman of The American CO-OP Group of
independent dealers that meet twice a year to share information says, "There are
dealers out there still fixed on a copier mentality - that ‘sell a box’ mindset.
And though some continue to survive today doing that, most of us believe that
those days are limited. If people don’t look hard at their operation, doing some
real soul searching in order to transition their company to make the changes
they need to prepare for the future, they will ultimately find themselves
struggling to be successful."

"If dealers haven’t already transitioned, now is the time to change. To do
whatever it takes to remain successful. I think to our credit, we bit off a
difficult bullet with the decision to change our original name, which had been
branded successfully in the marketplace for years," Bastinelli added. "But our
evolving industry demands that we keep pace, initiating the redefining and
repositioning of our business strategies in order to keep a competitive

With the recent focus on the company’s name change and rebranding to CENTRIC
Business Systems to match their business aptitude as a total document solutions
provider,  Bastinelli is forthright when stating, "I can personally say, having
gone through this entire experience, that I am really glad that we did it, and
wouldn’t hesitate to do it again."

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