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What Does Not Using Direct Mail Really Cost

31 Dec, 1969 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

What Does Not Using Direct Mail Really Cost




Why should your business sell mailing
equipment?  Mail marketing has been around for a long time but hasn’t yet lost
its effectiveness.  As a matter of fact, many universities are gathering online
students and revenues through direct mail. Here are a few samples of effective
direct mail use.


The University of Pheonix alone had over
$3.1 billion in revenue during fiscal year 2008.  They used a # 10 letter. The
concise one-page letter mentions that the graduate-level courses are offered 100
percent online and that a wide range of subject areas are available. It closes
with a call to action via either: a toll-free number or a website URL.


Argosy University announces its "Online
Programs" on the #10 outer that showcases its crest. Also, it is personalized to
the prospect, the letter targets Argosy's MS and MBA programs with competition. 
It quotes the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and says that "many
executive-level openings are subject to keen competition" and that "Individuals
with the most impressive combination of education and experience will have the
best chance to secure these top-echelon positions."


Walden University uses a teaser on its #10
outer to promote its online degree programs: "Advance your career, and influence
the lives of others"  This personalized letter using a lot of bold copy in order
to stress the convenience, relevance and affordability of the school's programs
for RNs. A separate effort from Walden, which is geared towards prospects
getting a masters in forensic psychology, uses an invitational-style, 5-1/2" x
7-1/2" mailing with one of the more unusual teaser tactics: "Learn to Understand
Criminal Behavior" are the words but only "LEARN" and "CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR" are in
large type.


Lastly, Indiana Wesleyan University
changes up the tactics a bit with its #10 mailing. A two-toned outer asks
prospects to "Keep teaching. Keep learning. Keep advancing." The letter inside
is personalized, but it's very short. Diverging from its competition, it
mentions a favorable rating from U.S. News & World Report along with a
"spotlight on excellence"—essentially a testimonial from a former student who is
now a successful principal of a large high school.

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