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Why Good Tradeshows Pay for Themselves

11 Aug, 2009 By: Tony Lee imageSource

Why Good Tradeshows Pay for Themselves

Even as the current globally-wide economy appears to be “on hold” there is
some stirring that the  light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to appear on
the horizon. During these leaner times there is still a commonly held belief
that cutting operations costs is necessary, but that doesn’t mean a company
should come to a standstill. In fact, it means keeping the workable solutions in
place but investing in those things that can bring in more dollars – including
educating ourselves on what that may be.

Almost every business, large or small, has tried to approach the goal of cost
reduction through various methods, such as limiting the printing volume, cutting
staff, collaboration with upstream and/or downstream partners. However, as many
managers agree, the expense in some areas can’t be omitted, including those
areas that bring in business opportunities that affect corporate survival.
Quality suppliers and new products are two such aspects that office providers
should pay attention to as they try to find additional ways out of tough
situations. Where to find them and why?

First, quality suppliers can save their company a lot of problems in
production and operations, even in finished products. In the current rigorous
market, most businesses find it hard to succeed on their own, so instead, gain
the support of good partners, such as suppliers.

Second, the timely information of new products can bring with it, new
opportunities. New products can often generate added profits since they have
less competition of “type” yet, and thus increased market demand. Those who get
their new product information out early from a planned and developed targeted
launch, reap the most profits. By contrast, those who focus only on the old
“standby” products will have to face possible elimination in the market, as
clients demand more today.

To identify good suppliers for dealers to partner with and to see first hand,
new product launches of interest, good industry trade show are one of the best
places to find them. Over a short period of time you can find multiple
resources, products and people all at one forum to increase your opportunities
for choices. Being selective on which shows to attend to aid you best is an
undertaking to take seriously, consolidating your time, travel & costs. This
doesn’t fall under  marketing or advertising costs when budgeting. Your leading
industry tradeshows shouldn’t be considered “discretionary” but “mandatory”
overhead – in gaining the latest information and treating it as lifeblood  to
sustaining your business –  it’s a matter of acquiring tools for survival.

For office equipment & “total provider” solutions, consider the  U.S.
tradeshow ITEX each year. For the remanufacturing / aftermarket industry, Remax
Asia Pacific in Zhuhai, China is becoming a valuable show. By selectively
choosing which trade shows assist your business most, you will maximize your set
goal (gaining education, witnessing new product launches, promotions, finding
partners and ways to increase profits) at an affordable cost,  whereby the
benefits gained will outweigh expenses, as good end results pay for themselves.
For distributors who want to expand their product lines beyond U.S. or European
resources, and affordably, consider visiting China in October (10th-20th), where
there are several essential electronic trade shows worth visiting collectively -
China Sourcing Fair, Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Canton Fair Phase I, among
others, and Remax Asia Pacific. A great opportunity for the remanufacturing
industry players! Close in proximity to these are the cities of Zhuhai, Hong
Kong, and Macau.  Zhuhai is a coastal city with 146 charming islands. With an
amazing large green area, the city’s a modern ecotypic resort.  Nearby Hong Kong
is an excellent city for shopping,  and Macau is known as the "Oriental Las
Vegas."  As for the hotel & airline information, we suggest you book early as
there will be tens of thousands of attendees coming to visit.Review 


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