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XEROX: Helps Partners Drive Revenue

26 Jan, 2009 By: Edmund Guerrero imageSource

XEROX: Helps Partners Drive Revenue

the last few years, dealers and resellers have clearly recognized that customers
are looking for more return on their technology investments, and we expect the
coming year will be no different. Customers want to consolidate equipment and
they’re looking for partners who will help maximize their document workflow and
increase profits. Today’s printers and advanced multifunction printers (MFPs)
will play a key role in helping end-users achieve these goals while also
providing opportunities to wrap services around the hardware      d long-term
customer relationships. Xerox is responding to these challenges with a steady
steam of new products and services to help dealers and resellers drive revenue.

Hardware That Works Smarter

We realize that our growth depends on your success, and that’s why we’re
constantly working to bring our partners the latest color and monochrome MFPs.
But in order for you to win, it’s important to understand the features, benefits
and advantages of these products and how they can meet your customers’ needs.
Your ability to effectively articulate how an MFP can improve the customer’s
work environment—while also saving them time and money—enables you to profit in
the end.

The potential of smart MFPs is yet to be realized by many organizations. For
instance, MFPs equipped with Xerox’s Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) can be
tailored to meet specific business challenges. With EIP, dealers can easily
create customized solutions that users can access right from the MFP touch
screen. These solutions can leverage a customer's existing infrastructure and
databases.  Customers can take advantage of applications from industry-leading
software providers or, because EIP is based on web standards, it's easy for
in-house developers to create custom solutions.

We recently introduced products available to our dealers and resellers which
are EIP enabled; the WorkCentre 5225 and the WorkCentre 7232, 7242, and 7300
series family of MFPs. This year we’ll continue to implement EIP throughout our
product line. It’s our belief dealers that leverage the muscle of the MFP to
make work easier for their customers will outpace competitors who do not.

Say YES to MPS

The beauty of Managed Print Services is simple, it allows customers to
eliminate the need to deal with multiple vendors and invoices and at the same
time leverage the benefits of the bigger picture; its entire fleet of products.
Clearly having one vendor to take accountability for a customer’s entire fleet,
regardless of brand, would allow customers to capture savings and huge
efficiencies. In turn this will allow the dealer or reseller to position
themselves as the customer’s Technology Partner who will transition them to a
single vendor or brand.

It’s important to note, margins on box sales will continue to
come down and successful dealers are adapting their business models to include
more opportunities for post-sale revenue. Managed print services is not just a
buzz word, it should be a key part of your sales strategy. IDC predicts the
managed print services market will grow to be $7.6 billion in 2010 and the
growth rate in the mid-market is at more than two times that of large

of you are familiar with Xerox’s PagePack™ program, a cost-per-print program
available to authorized dealers and resellers. With PagePack, our authorized
partners can sell hardware and software and also offer cost-per-print contracts
that include service & Xerox supplies. The benefit to our partners is that you
are at the forefront of owning this relationship for the life of the contract.
Your customers will
appreciate real savings, in fact the initial assessment can reduce their spend
by 20 to 30 percent. In addition to that, their printing and imaging costs are
no longer a mystery –- the cost per page is crystal clear and FIXED from day

We recently launched TonerPack™, a toner-only cost per print program from
Xerox designed to help you profit and expand your business with offices that
have a mix of printing equipment from different vendors. Participating dealers
will be able to offer a cost-per-page solution for toner on select monochrome HP
devices.  TonerPack uses many of the same tools as PagePack, including the
software that enables automatic meter reads and access to our supplies and
services interactive site. The site helps your customers track monthly page use
through their own portal so there’s no surprise on their monthly invoice. We’ll
manage the orders and delivery of consumables, that way you won’t have to
shoulder the expense of acquiring and keeping inventory on hand. You will
capture 100 percent of the post-sale revenue stream, realize long-term revenues
and boost your overall competitive advantage.

Providing a very detailed and well exe- cuted assessment of a
customers’ printing environment is the first step in determining whether or not
Xerox’s PackPage and TonerPack programs are a good fit for them. Our new Xerox
Assessment Automation Portal (XAAP), which was launched last fall, is designed
to help you manage and simplify the assessment process. When you provide an
assessment, your customers will see you as a trusted advisor and not just a
“copier rep” or “technology vendor.” XAAP is designed to walk you through the
process, starting with the Letter of Intent and ending with the Proposal. It
includes templates to help you with customer communication & it offers industry
standards for unknown information. The end result is a detailed proposal
featuring your brand and logo.

Edmund Guerrero is Vice President, Advanced MFD Channel Partner Program
Xerox, North American Resellers (NARS). For more information on the Advanced MFD
Channel Program please visit the following Website, https://partner.xerox.com/dealer.  

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