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XEROX Unlocks Benefits of Color Printing

11 Aug, 2009 By: BY Leah Quesada imageSource

XEROX Unlocks Benefits of Color Printing

Nearly two decades ago, Xerox set off on a mission to make color printing
more accessible in the office with the debut of its proprietary cartridge-free
solid ink technology. Since that time, many companies have experienced the
benefits of color printing, like increased response and retention, but many
other companies have sat on the sidelines due to the perceived cost of color.  

In May 2009, Xerox eliminated that fear with the world’s first high-speed
solid ink multifunction printer, the Xerox ColorQube™ 9200 Series, which  cuts
the cost of color pages by up to 62 percent compared to traditional color
lasers, and without compromising print quality.

Not Your Father’s Copier

Xerox’s solid ink technology was completely redesigned to meet the demands
of today’s offices. To lower color printing costs, the ColorQube 9200 Series is
offered with Xerox’s Hybrid Color Pricing Plans that eliminate traditional
"one-size-fits-all" pricing, where the cost of a page with full color, like
printing a photo image, is the same as the cost of a page with just a little bit
of color, such as a company logo on letterhead. With the ColorQube's Hybrid
Color Plans, customers pay only for the amount of color they use on a given
page. For example, an office document with a logo and small graphic will cost
the same as if it were printed in black: one penny. Documents with moderate
color coverage, like a Web page or company newsletter, will cost three cents,
while those printed pages with heavy color, such as a real estate flyer, will
cost eight cents.

For offices that are looking to lower their environmental impact, the
cartridge-free solid ink technology generates 90 percent less supplies waste and
reduces the effects of manufacturing and transportation on the environment. The
series also meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's rigorous new ENERGY
STAR® requirements. An Intelligent Ready system uses a patented learning
technology to activate a power-saving mode based on the users' schedules.

To help offices get work done faster, the ColorQube 9200 Series is available
in three models with different color speeds. Each has four print heads that can
jet more than 150 million drops of ink per second, enabling speeds from 38 pages
per minute (ppm) up to 85 ppm. Xerox Extensible Interface Platform™ allows users
to create personalized workflow applications like Xerox Secure Access Unified
ID™, which displays personal preferences on the touch-screen of the MFP with the
swipe of an ID badge.

Despite its sophisticated technology, the ColorQube is so simple to use, a
child could easily load it with enough drop-in solid ink sticks to print up to
55,500 pages while the MFP is printing, eliminating downtime.  A large color
touch screen clearly displays basic features like copying and scanning, and
offers video tutorials to assist with troubleshooting. Additionally, LED lights
illuminate within the device when the front access door is opened for easy


Customers have seen the early benefits of the ColorQube 9200 Series. The Old
Orchard Junior High School in Skokie, Ill. tested the MFP and teachers expressed
"hue-phoria" at the power of printing in color. Cliff Dahlgren, seventh grade
reading and language arts teacher, now puts color in almost every document he
creates for his students after seeing what a difference it makes in what the
students take away from the lesson.

Cliff Lee, Information Technology operation manager at Technip, an
engineering and design firm, and ColorQube beta customer, found that the device
enabled the company to achieve goals they’ve set of reducing their carbon
footprint, while taking cost out of the equation for color printing. Most of
their color documents were priced comparably to black-and-white documents and
now they don’t have to revert to the draconian methods of the past, shutting
down color capabilities on color devices. The ColorQube also learned their
behavior, knowing the time they start printing and knowing what time they stop
printing.  As a result, the printer powers down to sleep mode and turns itself
on in advance of their arrival.

Helping Dealers Grow Their Business

The new ColorQube 9200 Series gives dealers an opportunity to make color
available to customers who may not have considered it before. The Hybrid Color
Pricing plans allow dealers to offer a pricing structure that fits their
customer’s needs. By educating customers on the benefits of color, while helping
them to understand their document costs, dealers can grow their business.  At
Xerox’s Web site,
, dealers can use two new tools to help
customers evaluate potential cost savings. The Document Analyzer Tool allows
users to upload documents and assess what the cost of their color prints could
be. With the Cost Savings Calculator, users can compare their current cost of
color printing to what they would pay using ColorQube.

Leah Quesada is marketing director for Xerox office products. For more
info visit ww.xerox.com. Authorized dealers can visit
Xerox’s Dealer Connection at

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