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BIZ BRIEF: PowerSource - Buying and Selling in Bulk

27 Jan, 2011

BIZ BRIEF: PowerSource - Buying and Selling in Bulk

“There are many benefits to buying and selling bulk technology equipment,” says Nick Jackson of PowerSource. “There are also some drawbacks. However, if you are a company who deals in bulk technology equipment, now may be the best time for you to generate some interest on your offers or needs.”  According to Jackson:

Selling Bulk Technology Equipment

Selling bulk technology equipment is sometimes easier than selling single parts or equipment. Often times you can simply list an entire pallet for sale and not need to know all the details of every specific part. It is a lot easier to say that you have 50 HP LaserJet 1200’s, 100 Xerox WorkCentre’s, and 20 Brother MFC-9700’s and to request a call for details than going through all 170 items you have listed and explain each specification and describe each item. You can make the buyer contact you or even come inspect the equipment for themselves.

Selling bulk technology equipment is especially important for recyclers who may not specialize in office, IT, or telecom equipment, but have a truckload of equipment that they know has some value. Selling this way allows these types of companies to get the bulk technology equipment off their hands quite a bit faster than they would if they had to go through and sell each item individually.

One downside to selling bulk technology equipment is the fact that you will probably receive less money than you would if you sold each item individually, but that’s just the nature of the game. What could be a downside for selling bulk is a positive for purchasing in bulk.

Buying Bulk Technology Equipment

Selling bulk technology equipment means buying first. No matter how you look at it, if you want to sell bulk technology equipment you must have it to sell. This means buying bulk technology equipment is a must. Others get a great deal on the purchase price, and then make more money offering it for sale in single part or model sales.

There are a few situations when buying bulk technology equipment can happen:

• Auction: auctions allow you to bid on bulk technology equipment in hopes of getting the lot of equipment for a reasonable price
• From Recyclers: some recyclers are not experts in the true value of office, IT, or telecom equipment. So instead of them going through each part and creating a value for it, they will often times sell you a variety of equipment by the truckload. Buying bulk technology equipment from them can be easy and cheap.
• Online Services: online services such as PowerSourceOnline.com which allow companies to broadcast bulk technology equipment for sale can also be a great resource. Companies on PowerSourceOnline.com are usually experts in their fields, thus you can feel more comfortable purchasing equipment from them

Constraints of Bulk Technology Equipment

Given the fact that you can save a lot of time and money when you buy bulk technology equipment, it may be the best option. Or, it may not. Only you know your purchasing and selling needs.

If you are a company who constantly needs items which are in the same condition and have the same specs, buying bulk technology equipment can create more work for you. You might end up refurbishing or repairing items before you are even able to resell them.  It may be better to purchase smaller quantities of equipment from a larger number of vendors.

Buying bulk technology equipment usually requires a decent amount of warehouse space. Unless you already have the items sold and are drop shipping to another location, when you buy bulk technology equipment you are going to have to store it somewhere until it sells.

We all experience this as well: buying items in bulk just because they are cheap. Whether it’s at the grocery store or another one of your favorite places to shop, buying things just because they are cheap is not always the best idea. The same applies to bulk technology equipment. Just because the items are cheap, doesn’t mean you need them nor does it mean that you are going to be able to resell the equipment.

There are also financial constraints to buying bulk technology equipment. Now instead of buying one item at a specific price, you are purchasing 50 or 100 items. Even if you get those items at a cheap price, you still have a large check to write.

Buying and selling bulk technology equipment may or may not work for your company. The best thing to do when the opportunity arises is to think about your current situation. When selling bulk technology equipment be sure to think about the value of the equipment, be sure to think about needs your other clients may have, and think about the best method of advertising that equipment. When buying bulk technology equipment be sure to think about what you are going to do with it. Are you going to drop ship it? Do you have enough warehouse space for it? Are you going to be able to find buyers for the equipment? No matter which situation you are in, there are many things to think about.

If you are a company interested in buying or selling bulk technology equipment, try using www.PowerSourceOnline.com to broadcast those needs and offers out to other companies who are looking to buy and sell daily.

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