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FMAudit Releases Two Print Management Applications

21 Nov, 2006

FMAudit Releases Two Print Management Applications

WebAudit is a browser-based meter collection solution that leverages the same Hyper-Meter Technology and Identity Mapping Technology included in FMAudit’s core collection engine. WebAudit is used for both Remote Print Assessment as well as Remote Meter Collection. The user-interface may be branded with dealer’s look-and-feel. WebAudit non-intrusive meter collection has no key to plug-in or software to install. Dealers now have a 3rd choice; Viewer USB (for periodic data collection), OnSite (for fully-automated data collection) and/or WebAudit (for remote data collection). The decision on which to apply is dependent upon dealer and end-customer objectives and initiatives.

WebAudit is flexible in how it is utilized and can be initiated by the dealer and/or the end-customer. In one example; a dealer may configure periodic emails which are sent to the end-customer stating it is time to ‘collect meters’. The email includes a hyperlink to the dealer’s branded web page. In a second example; a dealer includes the link on their current websites' "Enter Meter Readings" page. For either case, the end-customer simply follows a 3-step process; Start, Save, Complete. The manual meter collection is removed and the dealer has no software to install or maintain on the end-customers' site.

In addition, there is value-add flexibility in the overall process. The dealer can configure WebAudit with a 4th step; Meter Validation. Prior to the customer submitting the data, they are prompted to inspect and validate that the meters are correct, as well as enter meters for standalone devices (non-connected print assets). Results lead to the end-customer paying the invoice quicker and with fewer questions, ultimately resulting in a reduction of the dealer’s day-sales-outstanding (DSO) and costly reconciliation expenses.

Central is the management component of the Print Management cycle. Central is not an ASP-based model. It is hosted at the dealers location, therefore the data remains secure and confidential between the end-customer and dealer. No other 3rd party will have access to the information. For those dealers who elect not to host Central, FMAudit offers hosting services. Regardless of the type or quantity of collection vehicles used, Central’s purpose is exactly that: centralized data management.
a. Base Modules - Data repository, account management and secure & flexible data visibility are included in the base functionality.
b. Customer Portal – Ensuring maximum flexibility, Central can also act as a customer portal, thus satisfying an explicit end-customer request to enable password-protected access to the data. What data, if any, the end-customer can inspect is the dealers decision.
c. 3rd Party Data Synchronization –Data can be periodically sync’d with 3rd party applications such as, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales/Service Force Automation (SFA), Service Dispatch systems, Supply Replenishment systems, Document Accounting & Cost Recovery programs, Microsoft® products, and TCO Analysis & Proposal Generation software.
d. Managed Device Settings – FMAudit’s data collection tools are engine neutral. Central intelligently recognizes which devices are managed (under contract by the dealer) and which are non-managed (competitive placements). The managed asset data is automatically submitted to an existing system and the non-managed information is delivered to the sales department to target competitive replacements.
e. Meter Validation - Central can facilitate validation of meters online. It results in further productivity gains and cost efficiencies. In addition, standalone meters (non-connected devices) can be easily entered and synchronized through the validation process.

For more information on FMAudit, call (573)-632-2461, or visit the FMAudit Website at www.fmaudit.com.

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