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Market Mentor Online

23 Jul, 2002

Market Mentor Online

A Customer Relationship Marketing Approach
We're not your typical "smile & dial" telemarketing people who call you in the evening to sell you long distance services, vinyl siding, or to tell you that you have just won a trip to Hawaii. Our relationship marketing approach is much more organized, professional, and effective.


Lead Generation
You decide what type of  lead should be generated. Some of our clients require a specific appointment for a meeting, while others prefer "phone appointments" where they will follow-up with the prospect once our people have generated interest. Special arrangements can be made to suit your particular needs as each marketing campaign is individually optimized for the best possible results.


Step 1: Each day we print personalized pre-call sales letters to your local printer for you to mail to your prospects prior to our call. (If you prefer, we can mail the letters for you.)

Step 2: After each prospect has received their pre-call letters, our people will call, introduce themselves as part of your staff and proceed to qualify the opportunities.

Step 3: When we generate a lead, we email them or call you immediately so you can follow up.You can also access your Market Mentor Online database 24/7/365 to view, update and run activity reports. A download of your entire database is available upon request or can be set up to download nightly.

Appointment Setting

We make calls from within YOUR private, Market Mentor Online database that is the same database that you and your sales and marketing staff have access to. We qualify the opportunities per your instructions, create interest in your company and services and set a specific day, date & time for you to meet with the prospect.


After the calls, we update each contact record, enter notes about our conversation, schedule appointments on your reps' calendars. If you provide us with your company's letterhead, envelopes, brochures and business cards, we will send out a confirmation letter on your behalf. We will also call the day before and confirm your appointments verbally. We can also send out your company's brochure from our office, in the event that the prospect requests written information about your company. We will automatically call the prospect within 7-10 days to confirm receipt of information and set the appointment at that time.


Target Market Lists
The first step in constructing a marketing campaign is to identify your "target market". For example, if you are a telecommunications company that sells only high-end multi-line telephone equipment, then we will broker a "list of prospects" with specifications such as minimum annual revenue, minimum number of employees, specific types of industries that require multiple phones, in a specific geographical area. In most cases, it will also include the contact name of the CEO or other decision-maker. Just imagine your ideal list of prospects, and we can find it for you! The cost of Target Market lists varies, depending on demographics selected


We have extensive experience in conducting customer service and/or market research surveys. Our state-of-the-art computer software allows us immediate access to statistical reporting and graphs, database development, and customized, almost limitless analysis of the data. The data obtained can then be returned to our clients in whatever form that is compatible with the client's information management system.


Getting Started
1. Generate a List: To provide you with our optimum level of service, the target market list should be output in ASCII comma delimited format. If you need help exporting your own lists in this format, just give us a call.


If your list cannot be output on a computer diskette, we can dial your calls manually from a hard copy list on paper, and enter the leads we generate into a database for you. You should know however, that manual dialing and data entry will slow down our efficiency.


Our List Brokerage Services division can assist you in purchasing a target market list that will suit the specifics of your campaign. We highly recommend that you define your target market very specifically, i.e., geographic, revenue, size, industry.


Your lists, leads, and data gathered by us are your exclusive property and will be held as strictly confidential. A full copy of your data will be available to you upon request.


2. Compose a Script: Part of our service includes Script Development and Editing at no charge to you. Upon receiving the details of the campaign and specific information about your firm, we will compose a script which will be sent to you for your records and approval. If you already have a script, just email it to us and we can edit it to meet the needs of your campaign.


3. Get Busy!


Pricing is usually calculated by hourly rate and varies depending on geographical area and campaign specifics. We know that if you compare our quality of service with that of our nearest competitors, you will find that we can provide your firm with the best value at an affordable rate.


Some VERY important things to know! We don't work from an inaccessible, proprietary database. We actually dial the phone, time the calls, update contact records, set appointments, and prepare management reports right from within YOUR own private Market Mentor Online database. The same database that you and your staff have access to 24/7/365. You can view the results of our calls to your prospects any time you want to.


We do NOT charge for 1) initial set-up fees, 2)database management, 3)database import, 4) script development, 5) long-distance charges, 6) confirmation calls, 7)  target market research & list development.

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