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Objectif Lune Innovates With a Major Release of PlanetPress Suite

11 Jul, 2007

Objectif Lune Innovates With a Major Release of PlanetPress Suite

Objectif Lune has announced the release of PlanetPress Suite Version 6 and the launch of PlanetPress Server, the newest addition to the company’s product portfolio. Allowing users to expand their print operations to all printers, PostScript or not, PlanetPress Server addresses the market’s changing printing practices and give customers more options for all their output. PlanetPress Suite 6 also makes more capabilities routinely available to more users, such as including PlanetPress Design with any purchased PlanetPress Suite module or printer licenses. Many connectivity features have also been added to allow users to communicate with external, e-commerce or web friendly applications making it easier for customers to standardize on one platform for processes involving their variable documents, transactional, transpromotional or promotional.

The addition of PlanetPress Server for unlimited Optimized PostScript and Windows printing benefits a wide swath of the printing marketplace. Users can drive any PostScript device using Optimized PostScript or any Windows or non-PostScript printer using Windows print drivers. This includes PCL, label, barcode and other specialty devices. Customers gain more flexibility for automation, routing, distributed printing and data repurposing for day-to-day printing operations, as well as occasional high-volume transactional print runs. Now Objectif Lune provides a fast and open solution and allows customers to print on any printer they have, PostScript or not, without the need to activate those printers.

PlanetPress Suite has become an established choice for repetitive, largely distributed, high-volume production jobs. Pages of variable content require less bandwidth to fully compose and send across the network to a printer, as in the printer-centric environment, a document template is sent to the printer just once. Through the printer’s RIP, the template reads and maps data to pages as they print. Only the data is sent for processing with minimal impact on bandwidth and spooling.

PlanetPress Server helps organizations maximize their printer resources to handle more work with greater efficiency, whether environments involve short runs of variable documents, single sites with multiple printing platforms, or enterprises with bandwidth issues from distributed printing. Customers can print simple documents using a Windows driver, while dedicating PostScript printers to documents with heavy spooling or performance requirements. Objectif Lune is the only company to commercialize a product that offers all three printing modes: Printer Centric, Optimized PostScript Stream and Windows Printing in one integrated solution.

When print data from ERP, accounting or other Windows applications is available only as pre-formatted jobs, repurposing the information for pie charts, columns, barcodes or reports is nearly impossible. PlanetPress Suite 6 captures files from standard Windows applications and converts these print streams into a usable format for PlanetPress Design documents. Customers can repurpose the data in a flexible fashion and get more work done correctly and without delay.

With PlanetPress Suite 6, PlanetPress Design (formerly Design Tool) is offered as a complimentary module for unlimited workstations. This makes it easier and more affordable for companies to standardize on one design platform for their variable documents. At the same time, options for output are expanded because documents created with PlanetPress Design can be printed on any type or number of printers.

In a further consolidation, PlanetPress Image, PlanetPress Fax and PlanetPress Search are now bundled as PlanetPress Imaging. New customers receive all the products as a single item whenever any one is ordered, and current customers covered by OL Care will receive them at upgrade time. Customers gain a streamlined environment to simultaneously print, email, fax and archive documents in PDF, TIFF, JPG and other image formats. In addition, PlanetPress Suite 6 uses the same RIP engine as Adobe Distiller to ensure predictable and consistent PDF quality.

Building on Objectif Lune’s XML technology, PlanetPress Server and PlanetPress Watch now interact directly with SOAP applications such as secure data transfers over the Internet (HTTPS) and with standard business applications such as CRM and ERP. Users can more easily integrate their digital document workflow with their web-based processes and services. PlanetPress Server and PlanetPress Watch process online forms for real-time fulfillment and they can communicate with a third party Web Server and launch a process based on the response.

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