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PROS ELITE 100 Dealers Surpass $800 million in Total Revenues

28 Jul, 2010

PROS ELITE 100 Dealers Surpass $800 million in Total Revenues

The PROs Elite 100 Dealer Network and its selection of the first 40 markets have resulted in a group of dealers that have combined total revenues of over $800 million.  There’s an overwhelming response from dealers to become a part of PRO’s Elite 100 program which benchmarks the best service organizations in the United States and then turns that dealer’s service excellence into the ultimate differentiator in their market place to drive equipment sales.

“The return on investment a dealer receives, from our initial on site assessment of their service organization, is enough to make a dealer an Elite customer for life” says Jerry Newberry President of BEI Pros and the Managing Partner of the PROs Elite 100 executive team.  “Once we finish the on site assessment, we have identified massive productivity and profitability opportunities in 100% of the cases. We then develop custom designed action plans and execution oversight to insure the dealers’ realize the opportunities we identify.  Upon a dealer achieving the PROs Elite 100 certification, they receive the benefit of having exclusivity as the only PROs Elite dealership in their market. In addition, the PROs executive team will then develop a powerful national and local marketing campaign outlining the commitment this dealer has made to ensure they provide a level of service that is unmatched by any other competitors within their market.”

“Our virtual sales call, where we participate in the sales presentation to our dealers’ sales prospects accounted for over $2,000,000 in equipment sales for our first group of certified Elite 100 dealers in the first 2 months”, said Steve Rolla a partner in the PROs Elite executive team.  “This is the most significant activity I have ever been a part of in my 40 year career. We are positioning 100 dealers in North America to have the competitive advantage over mega dealers and direct organizations.”

International Reach
“The PROs Elite 100 program has extended into the international arena as well with dealers in Australia and Canada , with ongoing conversations with other dealers in those regions and even Europe ,” said Jeff Kelly a partner in the PROs Executive team.  “Utilizing Service as the ultimate differentiator in a selling environment is more important than ever in this challenging economic environment.”

Selection Process
“We slowed the selection process up to catch up with the demand for certification from the first 40 dealers we selected,” said Newberry. “Recently, we have made tremendous investments in developing a designated web site for our Elite 100 dealers to drive their customers to. The sole purpose of this web site is to provide a resource in which PROs Elite dealers can have their current and potential customers understand the commitments the dealership has made to achieve this prestigious status and the benefits a PROs Elite 100 customer will receive. We also brought in a Service/Operations and IT expert to drive our PIVOT (Performance Improvement Operations Tool) software which helps us audit our Elite 100 dealers’ service performance on an ongoing basis.  Dealers like how we become their ongoing conscience and coach and not their critic. When we see a slip in execution we quickly go into a coaching mode with the dealer and bring their performance back to the PROS benchmarks.  

The selection process for the remaining markets will begin again in August, “said Rolla. “ Several candidates have been recommended to us by manufacturers, other PROs Elite 100 dealers, and other suppliers.  “Regardless of size in total revenue or the product they sell in the market. We have dealers with sales of $2 million and as large as $50 million in the first group of dealers we selected, said Rolla. “All credible dealers will be considered with a process that begins with a very low key conference call where we explain the process for certification. We then ask the dealer to consider the commitments they will have to make to become a part of this Elite group and we begin our due diligence on the dealer.  After the discovery and evaluation process with the candidate, we then choose either to move forward or go our separate ways. Dealerships are selected or not selected based on specific criteria and performance thresholds, it’s that simple. We then translate these service improvements into a vehicle that will utilize service as the ultimate differentiator in the market and as a source for increased revenues and overall improvements in GP.  For dealers who would like to find out more about the selection process for PROs Elite 100, please contact one of the PROs executive team members via the email addresses listed below.

About BEI Pros:
In today's economic environment, it is more critical than ever to maximize your service profitability & operational performance in order to weather the current financial storm. We have a proven track record of achieving 52% + GP in service while, at the same time, improving all levels of service to your customers. In addition, we will show you how to recoup the cost of any of our programs within the first 90 days.

About PROS Elite 100:
PROs, the recognized industry experts for Copier Printer Dealer Service organization improvement, announced a bold new initiative to drive dealers to a new level of Operations Excellence that will clearly identify that dealer as the premier dealer in its market and as one of the Top 100 in the United States .

An elite national symbol of recognition and distinction in our industry, PROs Elite 100 is awarded to a select number of organizations displaying world-class service delivery.  Only one dealership in any market can earn this sought after status, or reap the benefits it carries. “EXCLUSIVITY IS BACK”! 

For more information please go to www.beipros.com


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