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RE China Asia Expo and Global Remanufacturing Forum

13 Sep, 2004

RE China Asia Expo and Global Remanufacturing Forum

RE China announced that its Asia Expo and Global Remanufacturing Forum: Asia is shaping up to be a truly global event. The RE China team has been working hard to promote the event and now have more than 100 exhibitors from around the world ready to share products and information at the event. RE China’s Lisa Guo has been talking with hundreds of people from around the world, and has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help the industry better understand this new event. What is the sudden interest in the Asian markets? First, it’s not really that sudden: Pacific and Asian companies have been involved in the remanufactured and compatible imaging supplies industries for nearly 15 years, and growing globally through participation in North American and Europe markets for more than nine years. China also offers a tremendous labor capacity and low-cost overhead. As businesses in all industries are constantly striving to improve performance, our industry is no exception and the appeal of offshore opportunities is worth exploring. The launch of RE China Asia Expo 2004 is a sign of the industry’s continued and inevitable growth and maturity. Much of the recent growth in Asia and particularly China is due to large international investments from companies around the globe. Companies that move their production take great measures to move their quality to the new facilities as well. This increase in quality has positive impact on the industry as a whole. Why have a trade show? There is a growing economy in China that has placed demand for computer equipment at a record high. With the vast majority of these computer placements come printer placements and forecasts for more printer placements. Businesses in Asia and companies that do business in Asia are seeing great opportunities in the market. Most regions and countries around the world enjoy the benefits of a trade show or conference, which is the best platform to meet face to face with potential strategic partners and build long-term business relationships. The time is right for this market to exchange more information with companies from the other regions of the world, network among peers, and learn of the issues impacting business.  How do I register, and do you have any travel tips? You can register online at www.rechinaexpo.com.  Travel to China is getting easier each day with improvements in the general business infrastructure and availability of useful information over the Internet. Visitors will find that their experience traveling to Shanghai is similar to what they are accustomed to during any other business travel. For more travel information and tips, visit www.rechinaexpo.com and click on Travel Info & Visa on the menu at the top of the page. Why is Recharger Magazine sponsoring the event? We asked Recharger Magazine to sponsor the event because of its worldwide recognition in the remanufacturing industry. The global distribution of the magazine continues to encourage remanufacturers to improve their businesses. World Expo has gathered global leaders every year to drive the industry forward. Recharger has sponsored educational endeavors in other markets, and agreed to help facilitate the sharing of quality information for this event and this market. But won’t this hurt non-Asian companies? In the long run, our industry, worldwide,  will benefit from the growth in the Asian areas. The industry will continue to grow and change; it is a fact of business — every business. The opportunity comes from understanding the trends and the potential implications to our industry. This is key to developing successful business strategies that will enable your company to thrive in a changing environment. Knowledge is power. Our industry can only benefit from increased information sharing on quality and standards of practice. Education will only help further the success of our industry. What can I do to stay on top of trends? Reading about the industry, the trends and the impact on business in our global marketplace is one way to stay in touch with the industry trends. Reading about the business world and the changes all industries are seeing is another. Many industries have matured and grown globally before ours, so there are ways to forecast how the impact will affect you, and models of behavior that can ensure your success. Attending RE China Asia Expo and Global Remanufacturing Forum will help you gain firsthand knowledge, reinforcing your prospects for success.   Challenges or opportunities? The above changes pose challenges to all companies in the industry. However, some view these challenges as new opportunities to differentiate themselves from the rest of the industry and to grow and advance. These companies will eventually outplay their competitors and secure their position in the industry.    

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